A Head Full of Dreams with Coldplay

A Head Full of Dreams with Coldplay

Coldplay’s music is some of the most heartfelt and meaningful that I listen to regularly.  I can, off the top of my head, pinpoint three uses of their songs in TV shows and movies that changed each of those pieces of work for the better.

There are not many bands who have created outstanding music for so long that has withstood the test of time.  And so when tickets for their current Head Full of Dreams Tour went on sale, I couldn’t resist, and I am so glad I didn’t.

On a beautiful August evening, my friend Kaitlyn and I headed out to the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Just as a quick side note here, the Palace has amazing security and personnel that keep us all safe and are ever present to ensure the crowd doesn’t get too rowdy.  Huge kudos to them for their great work!

We were running a bit late but got to hear a bit of Alessia Cara’s opening set as we found our floor seats.  As opposed to many concerts when I sit very close to the stage, these seats were the second to last row on the floor, but that provided for a great view of the stage and stadium and a different perspective than I am used to when watching concerts.

Coldplay in the Crowd


After quite a wait, Coldplay took the stage with “A Head Full of Dreams” and kept the hits coming fast and furious for about two hours without any real breaks, save for when they switched to a stage in the middle of the crowd.  That was a really cool move and Chris Martin walked right behind us on his way back to the stage!

Some of my favorite songs of theirs were also my favorites in person: “Yellow,” “The Scientist,” “Paradise,” “Charlie Brown,” “Fix You,” “Yellow,” and more.  The way the crowd sang along and sometimes took over with Chris Martin’s guidance, which was so moving and powerful.

The visuals were also outstanding.  The crowd was given wrist bands that lit up at certain times, though the workers at the Palace failed to give us any 🙁  The light show was killer with so many different colors.

And then there was the confetti.  Coldplay was seriously on their confetti game.  Like I have never seen anything like this confetti.  I believe there were four different instances it was blown into the crowd, and I saved a few handfuls as a memory.  The way the light reflected on the confetti was beautiful.  And there were mounds of it.  It filled Kaitlyn’s popcorn bucket and covered the seats and floor as the best snowfall ever.

The Lights!

The giant balloons, which people happily held onto and took home with them, were a fun touch, but honestly, they brought me right back to gym class and dodgeball.  Thankfully, the guy behind me kept swatting the balls away.


Really, though, it was two hours of a magical escape to a dreamland with lights and confetti and happiness and sometimes songs that make me cry in the best way.  Kaitlyn remarked that they sounded so much like the recorded music, but even better really.  They were real and fun and brought that vibe to all of us, if only for a few hours.

They said they would keep touring as long as we, the fans, wanted them to, and I can assure them, we still want them to.


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  1. Looks like you had an amazing time, love Coldplay!

  2. Lucky you!!! Coldplay has been here a few times recently—but I haven’t seen them in concert yet!

  3. They put on such an amazing show, they sound fantastic live! Every fan should see them live at least once. Looks like you had fun!!!

  4. Debbie Eccard says:

    Sounds like a great concert. I love their songs too although I know only the most popular ones. Fix You is one of my all time favorites. You and Kaitlyn look fabulous and I’m glad you had a great time!!

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