Welcome to Pies and Plots.  I’m Laura Dembowski.  I live in Southeastern Michigan, but I’m hoping to move somewhere warm and sunny year round one day soon.  I’ve loved writing since I was a young girl.  Whether I was writing in a journal or sending letters to friends and family, it came naturally to me.  As I grew up, I fell in love with words, and while I even enjoyed writing school papers, novels were calling my name.  Now at 24, I am working on my sixth novel.  The fate of my third is in the hands of agents I’ve contacted.  And the first two?  Well, we’ll call them learning experiences for now.  I have also written two screenplays.  Hopefully you’ll see them on the big screen one day soon!


The thing with writing is it’s a long, emotional, often not very fun process.  So when I have writer’s block, am waiting to hear from a list of agents, or just received some bad news, I head to the kitchen.  I don’t mind cooking, but my heart lies in baking.  Most of my recipes come from the Internet or cookbooks, but as I have become more comfortable with baking, I experiment more frequently.

In 2007, I found out I was allergic to chocolate (I know, weird, right?).  This means I don’t bake anything with chocolare, but the awesome thing about baking is there are so many other great recipes out there, I no longer miss what I can’t have . . . most of the time.  And for the rest of the time, I use carob chips and carob powder.

Pies won’t be the only things I make on the blog because I don’t discriminate against sugary sweets, though they are one of my favorite things to make.  Tons of baked goods, and probably a couple of savory recipes will fill the pages, along with updates on my writing, my adventures in fine dining and mail order foods, and maybe a couple other things.

Tips on how to freeze the baked goods will be provided for every freezable recipe (most of them).  I love to freeze what I make; it allows me to enjoy more of it, and it lasts a surprisingly long time at an even more surprisingly high quality.  Sometimes I’ve made something I’m not in love with, but a month later when it comes out of the freezer it seems to have a whole new life.

My mom is my best friend, baking partner, shopping buddy, and everything else a girl could ask for in a parent.  Baking would be much harder and less frequent if I didn’t have her to help me.  My dad waits for taste testing before he joins in the process.

When I’m not baking or writing, I’m a TV addict.  It’s actually on when I’m baking and writing as well.  I also love watching movies, going shopping, reading, seeing plays and musicals, and finding new and exciting things to do around town.  I don’t eat out much, but when I do, it’s usually at a fancy place, whether it’s a new hotspot or an old favorite.  I’m obsessed with makeup and nail polish and have a collection that keeps growing and would probably be impossible for me to use up in my lifetime, or even a couple of lifetimes.

Since I enjoy eating so much, particularly things that aren’t exactly great for me, I also love exercise.  It keeps me sane, helps me think, and is one of the best parts of my day.  I run and play active games on my Nintendo Wii.  And yes, I usually watch Food Network when I’m torching calories.

I hope you’ll find inspiration for baking and writing here, but also for life in general.  Pies and Plots is about more than just baking and writing; it’s about finding passions, expressing oneself, and more than anything else, following dreams.  Let the journey begin!