Alchemy by Carla Hall Cookies

Alchemy by Carla Hall Cookies

I’ve told you before that I’m obsessed with The Chew.  It is an hour of happiness in the middle of my day.  I like all of the hosts for varying reasons.  Carla Hall never fails to make me smile with her always upbeat, positive attitude and funky dance moves.  Not to mention she, of course, has crazy awesome kitchen skills. 

But did you know Carla Hall has a cookie company?  Alchemy by Carla Hall has been in my bookmarks for just about ever.  In fact, since before The Chew, I think, as I am also a Top Chef junkie and cheered for Carla on there (hootie-hoo!)  And now, I finally got around to ordering the cookies.

Alchemy by Carla Hall Cookies

They offer both sweet and savory varieties, but you know I went with sweet ones.  I ordered Almond Cherry Ginger Shortbread and Hawaiian Wedding Cookies.  I had no idea what to expect, but a couple days later, a small box arrived.  Inside were two cute containers of the cutest, smallest, most adorable cookies I’ve ever seen.

Each one is perfectly shaped.  While I’m typically a giant, soft, chewy cookie girl, these instantly appealed to me with their popable, bite-sized awesomeness.  The Almond Cherry Ginger Shortbread is super crunchy, not quite like a traditional shortbread, but delectable nonetheless.  The bite of ginger is prominent and welcome, as is the gentle sweet-tart flavor of dried cherries, along with their slight chewiness.  I am in love with the cherry-ginger flavor combination.  The almonds weren’t really noticeable, but that was okay.

Alchemy by Carla Hall Cookies

Alchemy by Carla Hall Cookies

I have to admit, I like the Hawaiian Wedding Cookies even better.  Also crunchy, they have a little more crumbliness to them.  The coconut flavor comes through, as does that of the macadamia nuts.  What surprised me the most was that I could also taste the lime juice and zest.  I absolutely loved that bright citrus punch.  With all of these flavors you might think these would be overwhelming, but they’re not.  Instead, they are perfectly delicate.  And somehow the confectioners’ sugar coating isn’t even messy!

The only thing that’s not good about these cookies is that they’re dangerous to have around.  It’s too easy to reach for another and another and another over the course of the day until they are gone.  They’d also be a huge hit at a party as part of a dessert spread.

I’m so glad to be a fan of Carla and these cookies!

Alchemy by Carla Hall Cookies

Alchemy by Carla Hall Cookies

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  1. Laura, thanks so much for taking the time to not only order our cookies, but writing a blog piece about them. They’re very close to my heart, so when folks “get the size & burst of flavor “, it makes me very happy.

    • Thank you so much for leaving a comment, Carla! It means a lot to me. I loved the cookies and couldn’t wait to tell my readers all about them. I hope they’ll give the cookies a try too.

  2. These were really, really good.

  3. The Hawaiian Wedding cookies sound amazing.. coconut and macadamia… I LOVE that. What a cute and unique shape for cookies!
    & I love watching The Chew too!

  4. I love that those cookies are in the shapes of squares! So cute. I’m also a huge fan of the chew. I plan my gym time around it so I can be running on the treadmill while watching it. Its so great!

    • I always watch food shows when I exercise. I’m afraid sometimes there’s something wrong with that picture!

  5. Oooh how cute!

  6. These sound amazing! Cute shapes and great flavors.

    • Yes, the flavors are amazing. I keep craving the wedding cookie with the coconut and macadamias and lime. Yum!

  7. They are cute cookies. Maybe worth trying a new shape the next time I make my own! But I think I’d even eat more that way!

    • It is so easy to eat a ton of these because you feel like you haven’t eaten much since they’re one bite. Very dangerous 😉

  8. Thats an interesting looking cookies, nice and looks yummy!

  9. These are the first time I heard of these, but they sound great! I must give them a try!

  10. Didn’t know she had her own cookie line! That’s awesome and glad you tried them!

  11. Both were good on there own, but togther they were even better.

  12. Both have very unique taste. But I like the The Almond Cherry Ginger Shortbread cookies the best.

  13. Great little cookie. Small portions so I can watch my figure. If you eat 100 is that bad?


  15. These were wonderful, thank you so much for sharing! The Almond Cherry Ginger Shortbread were my favorite.


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