Bale Bars

Bale Bars

The first concert I ever saw was Britney Spears.  I know you’re all judging, but I loved Britney and I still kind of do.  I knew every word of every song on her first CD.  I’m not sure I can say that about any other CDs.  I also knew most of the dance moves from watching MTV every possible moment while my peers watched the Disney Channel and Nickelodeon.  Most of the dance moves have left my brain along with Geometry but I still know most of the songs.  I love when a Britney song, new, old, or in between comes on the radio.  And to be honest, I’d probably go see her in concert if she tours again.

It was a great first concert.  Dad got tickets from work which were quite good.  My baby-sitter came with us.  It was at Pine Knob, which if you’re a Detroiter was what the main outdoor amphitheater was called before it became DTE Energy Music Theatre.  This concert was clearly many moons ago, as I was nine.

Bale Bars

Bale Bars

Walking past the gates, the experience was similar to being at an amusement park: lines and people everywhere, concession stands, merchandise booths.  My eyes darted around, trying to take it all in.

At the time, I’m sure it felt like forever before the concert started, as we waited for it to get dark outside and for the opening act to finish (I have absolutely no recollection of whom the opening act was) and far too soon for it to end.  I enjoyed every moment, singing and dancing from my perch standing on my seat, binoculars firmly in hand most of the concert.  It was awesome.  I loved it and couldn’t wait to go to my next concert.

Bale Bars

Bale Bars

I sang along to the radio as we waded through parking lot gridlock and on the long ride home.  I think my baby-sitter fell asleep after marveling at the fact that I even knew every word to every song played on the radio.

Concerts make me think of summer (Yay! Summer!) and when I think of summer, I also think of no bake treats.  Don’t get me wrong, my oven will be in full operation all summer long, but there’s something about a no bake treat on a ninety degree day that just seems right.  Upon exploring my Baked bakery cookbooks, these Bale Bars immediately caught my eye.  Pretzels, peanut butter, white chocolate.  What’s not to like?

These bars are super simple to make, though they do have to set up in the refrigerator for awhile.  Sweet and salty, they get great crunch from the pretzels and peanuts, along with a fudgy quality from the peanut butter-white chocolate ganache.  Best of all these need to be stored in the refrigerator, so they are a refreshing summer treat, perhaps while you listen to some music.

Bale Bars

Bale Bars

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Bale Bars
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 24
  • 3 tablespoons unsalted butter
  • ⅓ cup packed dark brown sugar
  • ⅓ cup heavy cream
  • 1 cup white baking chips
  • 1 tablespoon plus 1 ½ teaspoons pure vanilla extract, divided
  • 1 cup creamy peanut butter
  • ¾ cup peanuts (I used dry roasted unsalted)
  • 3 cups salted thin pretzel sticks (I used Rold Gold)
  1. Line a 9 by 13 inch pan with parchment, leaving enough overhang to be able to pull the bars out later.
  2. In a large bowl, combine peanuts and pretzels with your fingers.
  3. In a medium saucepan over medium heat, melt the butter. Once melted, add the sugar and cream and bring to a low boil for 4 minutes. Remove the pan from the heat and add the white chips and 1 tablespoon vanilla and stir until the chips are completely melted into the mixture. Add the additional 1 ½ teaspoons vanilla and peanut butter and stir until combined.
  4. Pour the white chip-peanut butter mixture over the pretzel-peanut mixture and stir until all the pretzels and peanuts are fully coated. Pour the mixture into the prepared pan and smooth into an even layer.
  5. Refrigerate for at least 90 minutes until the bars are firm. Cut into pieces and serve. May be stored in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 3 days. I do not recommend freezing this recipe.
Recipe adapted from Baked Elements

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  1. Young Kayle is totally jealous if young you. I used to love Britney (posters on my walls, owning all her CD’s-up until the self titled “Britney”, even buying a book biography of hers lol) but I have never even been to a real concert, to this day! Not enough money *sigh*. Anywhozzle, I stopped liking Brit Brit when she got suuuuuper slutty.

    I will never stop liking these bars YUM I loooove em!

    • Laura says:

      I bought the book too and the one she and her mom wrote together, along with enough magazines to like fill an entire room. I’m sorry you’ve never been to a concert 🙁 Such a bummer! I’m going to my first in years this summer . . . wish you could come!

  2. At first I thought those were marshmallows- so happy to find out they’re peanuts! Looks delicious, and I have to say I’m a little jealous you got to see Britney Spears in concert. She was the

    • Laura says:

      Britney was the bomb. There was so much great music in the 2000s. Britney, Christina, Destiny’s Child, NYSNC . . . the good old days.

  3. sal says:


  4. These bars sound amazing! and I´m not surprised they are from the baked boys. I was much older when I went to my first concert, the cure, with my friends.

    • Laura says:

      Those guys that run Baked are pretty much geniuses! I love all the treats I make from their books. Thanks, Paula!

  5. mookies says:

    Εxcellent snack, with pretzels and peanuts should be crisp and so appetizing!

  6. Lucy says:

    The white chocolate ganache surrounding of these bars sounds incredible! I can imagine they are very, very moreish.

  7. I will got a britney concert with you!! I love her and ALWAYS sing along to her! Nothing like popping in an old britney cd to turn your horrible day into a good one!!

  8. My first concert was NSync. I don’t judge 😉 These bars look awesome!

    • Laura says:

      I saw NSYNC too! I was a huge fan. I liked them over the Backstreet Boys. Everyone had to choose between the two, right?

  9. I had a snafu with my last Amazon order and ordered Baked Elements but it never came. And I have to reorder it b/c every recipe I see from it, blows me away. You nailed these and I’d love to chomp down on one!

    • Laura says:

      You have to get Baked Elements. My parents got me the set of three Baked cookbooks for my birthday awhile back, but Elements is the one I’m reaching for most frequently.

  10. Rick says:

    Wow …these were GREAT…..printed recipe and made these for guests we had this weekend…they were a big hit,everyone loved them. Thanks

  11. Haha yes, it’ll always be Pine Knob! Always and forever!

    • Laura says:

      And Pine Knob was a way better name. DTE Energy Music Theatre just doesn’t have the same ring.

      • Ugh, definitely not! What a huge misstep it was to re-name that place. Speaking of, I haven’t been there in forever. I think the last show I went to was Dave Matthews Band 4 years ago, and I had to pay like $75 to sit ON THE LAWN. Come on now, that’s crazy!

        • Laura says:

          I never sat on the lawn, but even now I’m hesitant to buy pavilion tickets because it might rain or whatever. I’m an old lady before my time 😉 I think the last show I saw was the TRL tour with Destiny’s Child and a bunch of others.

  12. grace says:

    these are great! they’re kind of like haystacks, which i LOVE, and they’re carrying on with the whole animal fodder theme. 🙂

  13. Lendon says:

    Very good snack. Another good combination that I never would have thought could go together. Pretzels and Peantut Butter! Thanks!

  14. I am obsessed with any dessert that involves pretzels! Love that salty, crunchy element and can’t wait to try these!

    • Laura says:

      I’m not usually much of a pretzel fan, but I’ve been baking with them quite a bit and have fallen in love. Thanks, Kelly!

  15. Arturo says:

    To those of you that helped yourselves….be warned I will find you all. As my post implies I made the mistake of offering a sample to anyone who was in my office at the time. I left said office for a few minutes, when I returned the office was empty and so was the zip-lock bag. They did smell good and I am sure Jess would’ve loved them as it consisted of two important factors: it came from you and it had peanut butter….creamy at that.

    • Laura says:

      Oh, no! You didn’t even get one?!? Such a bummer! You should make a batch as they are so easy to make and have been a huge hit.

  16. Carol says:

    What a great flavors all in one snack bar! The best part is they are so easy to make. I remember Pine Knob…my first concert : Bobby Vinton 🙂

  17. stan the man says:

    These snacks are great, crunchy and chewy all in one bite. You fooled me though, I thought there was some caramel in there…wishful thinking I guess. Either way, they were delicious!

  18. Eric says:

    Nice salty sweet treat. Enjoyed the treat. Nice snack.

    5 stars.

  19. kristy says:

    These were definately my favorite! They were a perfect snack and very yummy :)! Thank you!

  20. Jeff says:

    A very good, sweet and salty treat. Thanks so much.

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