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How to Wear a Classic Cashmere Coat

Tomorrow I turn 26.  I have many thoughts about that, but the main one is: how did I get here?

Seriously, where did the years go?  I was in school and then I was done.  Now I’ve been writing for seven years and blogging for almost four.  I honestly one hundred percent do not understand how that is possible.

And yet, the calendar doesn’t lie.  Oh how sometimes I wish it did.  Getting older is a lot to deal with.  The pressure of the world … or maybe mostly myself … to fall in love, find my squad, become successful … basically find my place in the world is immense.

How to Wear a Classic Cashmere Coat

But as my friend Jennifer from Savory Simple told me, I have to make 2016 my bitch.  So that is what I am doing.  I repeat that over and over again, forcing myself to believe it.  Because it’s true.  This is MY YEAR.  Of course, I also hope it’s YOUR YEAR for all my wonderful readers.

I’ve already done a lot in January, not the least of which is this look.  These photos are a miracle since it was sooooo cold outside, but I make sacrifices for my blog 😉

How to Wear a Classic Cashmere Coat

I paired my classic black cashmere coat that I have had for 11 years (you read that right … 11 years) with a black Issa jersey dress that is comfortable and easy to wear yet super striking.

Some fun Charlotte Olympia shoes and my new Fendi bag (an early birthday present from Mom that she found on MYHABIT) rounded out the look.  I am obsessed with this bag.  The color is great and it’s so roomy.

This outfit definitely feels birthday worthy.  So clearly 2016 and my 26th year better watch out.  I’m coming.

Coat: Burberry // Dress: Issa // Shoes: Charlotte Olympia // Bag: Fendi // Necklace: Tiffany

How to Wear a Classic Cashmere Coat

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  1. Happy Birthday Eve to You!

    I wish you a Very Happy and Wonderful Birthday! Enjoy your very special day.

  2. Debbie Eccard says:

    Yes, I know the feeling….where has the time gone? Well I hope this is a great birthday for you and that you find this is YOUR year! I love the outfit and you look stunning. Are the ribbons around your ankles part of the shoe or separate?


    • Thank you so much, Debbie! I always appreciate your support. The ribbons came with the shoes but are not attached, so I can wear them together or separately.

  3. Happy almost birthday!!!

    and ugh…I can’t even talk about time and how I’m totally not where I prob should be at 26. I think everyone has those feelings. So think positive and yesss let’s make 2016 YOUR YEAR!

    • Thanks, Kayle! Yeah, it is tough dealing with pressure and expectations but I guess we are all doing the best we can and we have to go with that.

  4. Happy birthday, Laura!!! You have a bright future—I can’t wait to see what the next year brings!
    P.S. I love what I can see of your dress. You look terrific!

  5. Welcome to your 26th year! A lot of changes in your mid twenties. Embrace it. You will look back and wonder where it all went.
    Love the outfit…Definitely looks cold outside.


    • Thanks for the nice comment, Velva! I definitely try to enjoy moments, big and small, and remember them, but I will welcome some changes.

  6. Happy birthday! You’re still a youngling–You’ve got plenty of time to get things figured out. 🙂

    • You are right, Rachel, I do have time to figure things out. I just wish I could start down that figuring things out path a little. Thanks for the comment 🙂

  7. Hope you had a wonderful birthday! (P.S. I love your bag too!)

  8. I hope you had a fabulous birthday!! Love those shoes so much!

  9. You look stunning, love the entire outfit!! Happy Birthday!! My birthday is tomorrow and well……………I am not turning 26!!

  10. Happy Birthday! You’ve declared 2016 your bitch and so it shall be. Side note- I’ve always wanted an Issa dress. They are so gorgeous.

    • Thanks, Jennifer! It shall be. You seriously need to be a motivational coach. As for the dress, I love it because it is comfortable and so easy to wear. I actually got it at a steep discount from The Outnet.

  11. Happy belated birthday!!

    and dont worry about turning 26. Im turning 30 this year and I still havent figured it all out. My boss is turning 50 this year and mentioned to me that HE still feels like he is making it all up as he goes along. So remember- everyone is faking it and just pretending to have their shit together 🙂 There is no such thing as being a grown-up

    • Life is a crazy thing for sure that is always throwing curveballs our way. I’d just like to figure a little of it out … just a little. Thanks for the nice comment, Casey 🙂

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