Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

I told you recently that I went to see Carrie Underwood when she visited the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Now I’m so excited to share all about the evening with you.

Mom and I went, and I’m so glad because there’s no one I’d rather spend such a fun night with.  She’s my hero and we don’t always get to do a lot of fun things together, so it was really special to share this experience with her.

Mom and Me

By the time we left, traffic was super light and the weather was nice with the sun setting and the moon coming out.  Events are even better when the weather is nice.

Before long, we headed to our seats in the lower bowl, three rows up.  Typically I sit on the floor, but it was all general admission at this show, so I skipped it.  I was afraid I wouldn’t like our seats, but they were fabulous!  We could see really well and were definitely close to the action.

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

A DJ kept the crowd pumped until it was time for Carrie to take the stage.  Once she did, it was pretty much nonstop music.  Carrie performed all her hits from “Jesus Take the Wheel” to “Before He Cheats” to “Smoke Break.”  She packed as much music as she could into the show and the whole crowd loved it, singing along most of the time.

I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite song because her music is fun yet heartfelt and packs such a powerful message with good beat.  I have fallen even more in love with her music than I already was.  “Clock Don’t Stop” and “Little Toy Guns” are definitely two songs I have on repeat and stuck in my head, but I happily listen to them all.

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour


Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

Carrie didn’t talk to the crowd a lot, but it was great to hear about her inspiration with her most recent album, Storyteller, as well as about her son.  She also waved to the crowd a lot and took a flower from one of the fans.  Seeing that kind of interaction, though subtle, was really cool.  It was clear her focus was on an amazing fan experience.  The stage in the center of the arena also showcased this emphasis – there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Though Carrie and the music were definitely the stars, the lighting took my breath away.  Different colors and patterns with the lights took me into a different world and truly make it an immersive experience.  Each song had its own mood because of the lighting used.  It just goes to show that a set doesn’t have to be elaborate, but smart.  Carrie’s set was super smart and I loved it perhaps more than any other show I’ve seen.

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

Her supreme talent was apparent.  The girl can sing!!  Her voice shines through no matter what song she sings.  On top of that, she played the guitar and harmonica.  I’m always impressed my singers that play instruments too.

After just about two hours, the show came to an end.  I wish it would have kept going because I had such a good time singing and dancing my little heart out.  I hope I will have another chance to see Carrie in concert before too long because nights like that are what make life special and take away so much of the frustration the world often presents.

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour


Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

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  1. That final picture with the fireworks is amazing! I love when artists put on a show as well. It sounds like you ladies had SO much fun and the pictures are incredible.

  2. We are so envious of you two having such a great time. Your seats were outstanding, the pictures are fabulous and the light show is spectacular! Can I go with you next time? Everyone deserves a little fun from time to time:)

  3. Debbie Eccard says:

    Great pictures and description of the action. So glad that your mom and you had a super time! You both looked great!

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