Catbird for J.Crew Lovecat Ring #FashionFriday

Catbird for J.crew Lovecat Ring #FashionFriday

Something you may not know about me is that I love cats. I had one when I was little, and I often think about the good times I had with him. I’m not so sure he’d remember them the same way. My five year old hands always wanted to be wrapped around his furry body. I think I even threw him in my little plastic pool once. I’ve since matured a lot. But now I just collect cat figurines and love little cat novelties.

Maybe I share a kinship with cats. I prefer to keep to myself, I need my sleep, and I sometimes like to play. On my terms only! 🙂

Catbird for J.Crew Lovecat Ring #FashionFriday

Because of my obsession, I had to pick up this Lovecat ring the moment I saw it. I can’t get enough of its adorable, unique, and eye-catching shape.

I had never heard of Catbird before but was thrilled to discover it. Their classic, yet modern jewelry is different than almost anything else on the market. The Catbird items are made in Brooklyn. They also have other unique and high quality brands for sale on their website.

Catbird for J.Crew Lovecat Ring #FashionFriday

They are known for stack rings. I liked the idea of stacking the Lovecat ring with the threadbare ring. The delicate, hammered rings are so thin, yet they still manage to stand out when paired with the Lovecat ring. The trio is stunning and one of my new favorite pieces in my jewelry box.

Catbird for J.Crew Lovecat Ring #FashionFriday

I highly encourage all you jewelry (and cat) lovers out there to check out Catbird. I know you won’t be disappointed. The J.Crew exclusive 14k gold Lovecat ring is sold out, but a bronze version is available from Catbird if you are interested.

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  1. Oh, I love cats too, and I love that ring!

  2. Debbie Eccard says:

    Very very cute. I’m sure it looks great on you!

  3. Oooo so cute!!

  4. I know so many people who would just love this!!

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