Taste of Troy

Taste of Troy

A couple weekends ago, we needed something to do.  Something fun and exciting and not just going to look at furniture and to the grocery store.  It was a sunny, but bitter cold day and we just wanted to do something fun.

I had mentioned Taste of Troy earlier in the week and the local meteorologist mentioned it the morning of, so on a whim we headed out to the San Marino Club in Troy for Taste of Troy, benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Troy.

Taste of Troy

It was the twenty fifth anniversary of the event, so it’s kind of hard to believe we had never been before.  I shared my fashion last week, and now I want to talk more about the event itself.

Lots of restaurants in Troy had little booths with a dish or two from their menu.  From Greek to Italian, appetizers to desserts there was a little something for everyone.  As Mom and I were on the Whole30, options were limited for us, but the Tim Horton’s coffee definitely hit the spot.

Taste of Troy

Dad enjoyed checking out all the food, the Smashburger was among his favorites.  But the puffy taco from El Charro, the pizza from Shield’s, and gyro from Estia Greek Street Food were all hits too.

After checking out the food and silent auction, we just walked around for awhile, and it was good to be out and about.  We couldn’t leave without saying hi to our favorite local meteorologist, Andrew Humphrey.  He was even nicer in person than he seems on TV and asked me for a couple cards.  Who knows, maybe I’ll end up on Local 4.  That would be pretty awesome!

Taste of Troy

We also loved checking out the San Marino Club.  None of us had ever been there, and it is such a beautiful building.

I definitely think we will check out Taste of Troy again!

Taste of Troy

Taste of Troy

Hello … It’s Adele Live 2016

Hello - It's Adele Live 2016

Like many others I was impatiently waiting in the online Ticketmaster queue late last year for Adele tickets.  Like many others I didn’t get any.  Look, I’m typically a Ticketmaster fan (I’m a top 100 reviewer – all anonymous, of course), but they bungled that sale in the worst way.

Since that debacle, I had my eyes on StubHub (who I also love), and finally not too long before the show I found the seats of my dreams at a price that meant I didn’t have to sell too much of my soul to Mom 😉

I had high expectations about this show, and my expectations were exceeded.  Adele is one of the best concerts I’ve ever seen along with Katy Perry.  The show wasn’t about dancers and pyrotechnics and costume changes.  It was about Adele.  And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Mom and Me

Not too long after eight with the crowd growing a bit restless, Adele finally made her appearance, being wheeled to the B stage, right by our seats, in a truck.  It was showtime!

Adele opened with Hello.  I mean what else would she open with???  From there she walked to the A stage, gathering gifts from the crowd, and went right into Hometown Glory with first her hometown displayed on the screen behind her and then Detroit.

Adele Live 2016

From there, she interspersed her biggest hits with lots of talking.  Though this is quite unconventional, it was welcome.  I loved the personal feel it lent to the show and how her personality came through.  Adele is real.  She is authentic.  To see that first hand was delightful.  She even brought a couple of fans on stage with her.

As she sang, Adele waved to the crowd and pointed out signs.  We even sang Happy Birthday to one woman.  Can you imagine Adele singing Happy Birthday to you??? OMG!

We sang, we danced, we had fun, and stayed on our feet save for the acoustic set during which she sang Don’t You Remember and Make You Feel My Love, telling us to sit since she was.  I wasn’t sure what to expect from an Adele concert since most of her songs are rather depressing, something she joked about, but it was much more alive than I thought it would be.  A welcome surprise.

It was back to the B stage for Chasing Pavements, Someone Like You, and Set Fire to the Rain.  Once she was on the stage she waved the crowd close.  I stayed away from most of the fray but did move up and had an awesome view.  She noted she couldn’t step off the stage to take selfies, but she posed, bending over, moving around the stage so people could get selfies with her.

Adele Taking Selfies with the Crowd

Then she asked people where they were from.  New York.  Farmington Hills.  And Ohio.  When the lady said she was from Ohio, the entire stadium erupted into boos.  Michigan and Ohio have a mostly friendly rivalry, particularly in college sports.  Adele legitimately freaked out and had no idea what happened.  Then she realized “This is a sports thing, isn’t it?”

Her personality shone through when her dress got stuck on something on the stage.  She pulled a string off of it, announced her dress was trying to kill her, and shouted “Thanks, Burberry!”  It was hilarious, as I imagine Adele is much of the time, despite that her songs may lead us to believe otherwise. Adele Live 2016

She noticed another fan’s sign talking about their brother, a fan, who had died two months before.  Adele dedicated the show to him and later a song.  It was very moving.

As Adele sang Someone Like You, I had the best view of the night, and at one point I felt like she saw me as I saw her, like we made eye contact.  I’m probably wrong, but don’t try to convince me of such.  In that moment, I felt understood in a world that doesn’t understand me, in a world that doesn’t even want to.

Adele gets it.  She’s been wronged.  She has regrets.  I feel like she wrote Million Years Ago for me.  She swore and noted Send My Love (To Your New Lover) was for all of us who have ever had crummy people in our lives.  Adele gets me, even if she’ll never know that.

Set Fire to the Rain

Set Fire to the Rain presented the best special effects of the night with rain falling all around the stage.  I don’t know how they did that, but the effect was insane.

After a short wait, she returned to the A stage for the encores.  First When We Were Young, which was shockingly the only time throughout the night I cried.  It’s such a moving song and has so much meaning behind it that we can all relate to.

The night finished with Rolling in the Deep, an upbeat, fun song that had everyone up and dancing.  A shower of confetti blasted the audience as we all reached for some.  I gathered quite a few pieces to add to my collection, all of which have a song lyric or greeting from Adele printed on them.

Adele Live 2016

While my love of concerts in general has been reignited over the past couple of years, seeing Adele has left me fulfilled and sustained in a way I can’t explain.  I am thrilled to have seen her and been a part of such a magical moment.  Perhaps my joy has been magnified by the fact that throughout every single moment Adele was on the stage she seemed to be having just as good of a time as we were.

Summer Night #FashionFriday

Summer Night #FashionFriday

All summer long I wanted to do one thing, well a lot of things, but one thing in particular.  I wanted to go to Townhouse in Birmingham and eat outside.  But every time I wanted to do this throughout the summer months, it was sweltering out and I decided not to die of heat exhaustion just to fulfill my summer bucket list.

So on the last day of August, the weather was perfect, seriously perfect, and I went to get my hair done so it was looking good, and Mom and I headed to Townhouse.

Vietnamese Spring Rolls

Townhouse Salad

We sat outside and it wasn’t even buggy.  Our waitress, Lily, greeted us kindly and before long we ordered the Vietnamese Spring Rolls for an appetizer – the perfect light and refreshing start to the meal.  Then Mom had the classic Townhouse burger (I stole some of it too), which is a thick patty with caramelized onions, melted white cheddar, and a buttery brioche bun – aka the perfect burger.  I built my own salad with the red onion vinaigrette and devoured it, loving the freshness.

Townhouse Burger

Strawberry Shortcake Trifle

Plus, that let me save room for dessert.  I have been dying to try their Cake Cake Cake, a funfetti masterpiece that dare I say is at least as good as Momofuku’s, if not better, and something I want to eat all the time.  We also tried the strawberry shortcake trifle, and loved it with the jammy strawberries and whipped cream.

Summer Night #FashionFriday

For our fun night out, I chose a casual cool outfit pairing my classic Victoria Beckham lbd with a fun Chanel pearl belt and bright blue wavy heel Christian Louboutins.  I was super comfortable and felt like I was sitting somewhere in California, all my dreams having come true, just loving life.  And really, that night, and many, many others this summer, I did just love life.

Dress: Victoria Beckham // Belt: Chanel // Bag: Chanel // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Sunglasses: Anna Karin Karlsson

Summer Night #FashionFriday

A Head Full of Dreams with Coldplay

A Head Full of Dreams with Coldplay

Coldplay’s music is some of the most heartfelt and meaningful that I listen to regularly.  I can, off the top of my head, pinpoint three uses of their songs in TV shows and movies that changed each of those pieces of work for the better.

There are not many bands who have created outstanding music for so long that has withstood the test of time.  And so when tickets for their current Head Full of Dreams Tour went on sale, I couldn’t resist, and I am so glad I didn’t.

On a beautiful August evening, my friend Kaitlyn and I headed out to the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Just as a quick side note here, the Palace has amazing security and personnel that keep us all safe and are ever present to ensure the crowd doesn’t get too rowdy.  Huge kudos to them for their great work!

We were running a bit late but got to hear a bit of Alessia Cara’s opening set as we found our floor seats.  As opposed to many concerts when I sit very close to the stage, these seats were the second to last row on the floor, but that provided for a great view of the stage and stadium and a different perspective than I am used to when watching concerts.

Coldplay in the Crowd


After quite a wait, Coldplay took the stage with “A Head Full of Dreams” and kept the hits coming fast and furious for about two hours without any real breaks, save for when they switched to a stage in the middle of the crowd.  That was a really cool move and Chris Martin walked right behind us on his way back to the stage!

Some of my favorite songs of theirs were also my favorites in person: “Yellow,” “The Scientist,” “Paradise,” “Charlie Brown,” “Fix You,” “Yellow,” and more.  The way the crowd sang along and sometimes took over with Chris Martin’s guidance, which was so moving and powerful.

The visuals were also outstanding.  The crowd was given wrist bands that lit up at certain times, though the workers at the Palace failed to give us any 🙁  The light show was killer with so many different colors.

And then there was the confetti.  Coldplay was seriously on their confetti game.  Like I have never seen anything like this confetti.  I believe there were four different instances it was blown into the crowd, and I saved a few handfuls as a memory.  The way the light reflected on the confetti was beautiful.  And there were mounds of it.  It filled Kaitlyn’s popcorn bucket and covered the seats and floor as the best snowfall ever.

The Lights!

The giant balloons, which people happily held onto and took home with them, were a fun touch, but honestly, they brought me right back to gym class and dodgeball.  Thankfully, the guy behind me kept swatting the balls away.


Really, though, it was two hours of a magical escape to a dreamland with lights and confetti and happiness and sometimes songs that make me cry in the best way.  Kaitlyn remarked that they sounded so much like the recorded music, but even better really.  They were real and fun and brought that vibe to all of us, if only for a few hours.

They said they would keep touring as long as we, the fans, wanted them to, and I can assure them, we still want them to.


The Future Now with Demi and Nick

The Future Now with Demi and Nick

I wasn’t a giant Jonas Brothers fan.  In fact, I don’t know if I can name a single Jonas Brothers song.  Not one.

But Nick Jonas has proven himself as a delightful performer and songwriter recently.  And Demi Lovato has always been one of my favorites because she is so real and honest.  And her songs are pretty catchy.

When I heard Demi and Nick were touring together, I knew I had to go for a fun summer night out.  Mom went with me, and while it wasn’t quite her scene, we both really appreciated the great songs of both performers and their clear talent on the stage.

Nick Jonas

The night began with Mike Posner, who is actually from Detroit so the stadium was packed for his opening set.  Mom and I caught the end after being stuck in traffic.  I heard his two most popular songs “Cooler than Me” and “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.”  He totally brought the house down and his band was stellar.  I was glad to see at least some of his set.

Before too long Nick took the stage.  He sang mostly his more recent songs, though they are really awesome with catchy beat and lyrics that still tell a story.  “Bacon,” “Chainsaw,” “Levels,” “Chains,” and “Jealous” were some of my favorites.  Mom and I were both unfamiliar with his song “Who I Am,” but as soon as he began singing it, we both fell in love with it.  You know a song is good when you have never heard it before

Nick Jonas

After Nick performed for a little more than half an hour, Demi took the stage.  She opened with “Confident,” which is one of my favorite songs.  It has such an empowering message.  As she worked her way through hits like “Neon Lights,” “Give Your Heart a Break,” and “Heart Attack,” the crowd sang along to every single word.  This crowd was clearly full of Nick and Demi fans.

Nick Jonas

A slower set from Demi ended with “Stone Cold” as Nick joined her on the piano.  This may have been one of my favorite moments from the show.  It was so beautiful and powerful.  Nick played a couple more songs before Demi joined him for “Closer,” and then sang a couple more songs herself, finishing out the night with “Cool for the Summer.”

Demi Lovato

The show was a bit bare bones with the only real set design pieces coming from flashy lighting.  And it was a huge disappointment to us that together Nick and Demi barely played an hour and a half.  Especially when two headliners are a part of a show, two hours is the bare minimum they should play.  I left wanting much more. 

I think opportunities to perform a cover or two or bring Mike Posner back out to perform with them in front of his home crowd were missed and would have made the show longer and more special.  Nick and Demi are both great performers and have a realness about them that shined through when they spoke to the crowd.  I loved and appreciated that, I just wanted a little more from them.

Mom and Me

Hour Best of Detroit Party 2016

Hour Best of Detroit Party

I’m trying to enjoy life as much as possible this summer and schedule as many plans as I can.  One such plan was heading to Hour’s Best of Detroit Party at Motor City Casino.  It was actually a last minute thing as we debated back and forth about going, but we are all so glad we went.

I even got a fourth ticket free so a friend got to tag along with Mom, Dad, and me.  The casino is always bustling, which is fun.  After valet parking we made our way to the Soundboard venue where we headed straight in to check out all the action.

Cafe Cortina

The crowds totally shocked us all – the place was packed and super loud with chatter, but that’s the kind of energy you want at an event like this.  We ran into a few friends at the event, so it was fun to chat for a few minutes.  Always nice to see a friendly face.  Then we checked out all the food stations from some of the area’s best restaurants.  Iridescence was a big hit, as was Slows BBQ.


I loved seeing the chefs in action, making the food at many stations.  Red Coat Tavern grilled burgers on the spot, Mon Jin Lau torched sushi, and Café Cortina sautéed ravioli to name a few.  I loved the freshly made smoothie from Beyond Juicery and Eatery with bananas, pineapple, and spinach.  The sticky toffee pudding from Whiskey Six was also to die for.

I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t try most of the desserts because they could have been cross contaminated with chocolate.  Better safe than sorry, though.

Mon Jin Lau

A large bar in the center of the room provided craft cocktails.  They were excellent, though the bar was packed so it was hard to get a bartender’s attention.

After we made our way around the food areas, we headed into the main venue where a DJ was playing music.  The guys spied out Buddy’s Pizza and enjoyed that as Mom and I jammed to the music.  Before long the Killer Flamingoes took the stage.  They had a ton of energy and performed a lot of fun covers that we could all sing and dance along to.

Dessert Tower

I would have stayed and danced longer, but my company was worn out, so it was time to go 🙁  On the way out we just had to get a TapSnap photo taken.  I don’t know if you are familiar with these, but they are little booths at events that take photos.  The photos always turn out great and I am just in love with the concept.  At this event they actually made a GIF which is super cute.

Killer Flamingoes

The Best of Detroit party is something I have thought about attending for years, and we were all so glad we finally checked it out.  It was the perfect summer night on the town.

Hour Best of Detroit Party


Mabel Gray

Mabel Gray

Last week Mom and I had the opportunity to dine at Mabel Gray in Hazel Park.  It is a tiny restaurant and reservations are hard to come by.  In fact, we had our reservation for almost six weeks!  I could barely contain my excitement when the day came, and we were not disappointed.

Again, the restaurant is small.  We counted seating for about 30 along with a bar.  The kitchen is right there, which is awesome as you watch your food being prepared.

Our waitress, Janet, knew everything there was to know about the menu, and you could tell instantly she is passionate about the food and the restaurant.  Her enthusiasm made our experience that much better.

Fresh salad with mustard and olive oil

But let’s get to the food.  Well, first, my cocktail.  It was a tequila and mescal drink with fresh strawberry juice from local strawberries.  In fact the strawberries came from Spicer Orchards, a place my parents and I have visited several times.  The drink was perfectly refreshing for the hot day.

Then the food began to arrive.  We started with the salad full of fresh, local vegetables.  Mixed greens, peppers, radishes, beets, and even an edible flower composed the salad with a swipe of Dijon and some olive oil.  The flavors were so fresh and vibrant.  Somehow these restaurants are making me fall in love with beets.  Also, I need more edible flower in my life.

Cured salmon with buttermilk sauce on rye bread

A play on lox and a bagel was next with house cured wild king salmon (you know when I see wild salmon on a menu, I have to order it!), sesame seeds, a buttermilk sauce, and some fresh herbs.  The sauce was addictive, but the herbs were the surprise star.  The pop of almost spicy flavor they added was perfection.  Housemade rye bread came with the salmon.  That bread was amazing, but even better was the housemade butter.  I don’t even like butter and I could have eaten a tub of it.

Chili fries with duck egg

The lamb burger and chili fries were our shared entrees.  Let’s start with the fries.  While, a spice in the chili was bit overpowering for me, the fries were some of the best I have ever had.  They were perfectly cut and fried, tender on the inside, and really stood up to the chili.  I swiped the duck egg off the top and dipped my fries into it, ate it as is, and put it on my half of the burger.  Oh yeah, I went there.

Lamb burger with bread and butter pickles and garlic aioli

The burger, though cooked well done like we asked, was juicy and tender.  The house made sweet pickles, which I didn’t think I would enjoy, were excellent.  Seriously, I wanted a jar to go!  The garlic aioli really pulled the whole thing together.  My only complaint was that I needed an extra napkin.  Messy food!

For dessert, we had tres leches cake, which was good.  Very good in fact.  However, we both felt that the creativity didn’t stand up to the rest of the meal.  I could happily eat the salad, lox, fries, and bagel again and had to restrain myself from ordering more right then and there, but the cake lacked the pizzazz of the rest of the meal.

Tres leches cake

Since many of the dishes are plays off classics that the chef, James Rigato, who was in the kitchen that evening, has reinvented, it would be nice to see this continue to the dessert menu.  Perhaps cookies and milk, pie, a layer cake, or doughnuts would be fun and more appropriate desserts.

From start to finish, the meal and service were outstanding.  I am finding more and more as we explore new restaurants in the metro Detroit area that the quality of the food has improved so much it is hard to believe.  I’m excited to go back to Mabel Gray one day but also to explore other places.

Mom and Me

Forest Birmingham

Forest Birmingham

Memorial Day weekend was just beautiful and to celebrate we met some friends at Forest in Birmingham.  Previously known as the Forest Grill, Mom and I had been there several times until a not so great experience some years ago.  When the restaurant relaunched with a makeover and new owner last November, the reviews were amazing, so we knew we had to give it a second chance.

Spoiler alert: we are so glad we did.

Short Rib Cannelloni

Short Rib Cannelloni

The interior of the restaurant is just as beautiful as the day was outside.  It is so fresh, modern, and clean looking.  Our waitress Katrina, whom Mom and I had previously met at Townhouse, was super nice and knowledgeable about the menu.

I started the evening with a caipirinha, which I’d never had but would order again.  It was bright, refreshing, and balanced, not too tart or strong.

Then we ordered the cauliflower ravioli for a shared appetizer.  It was good but not my favorite part of the evening.  The rest of the table loved it, however.  Our friends tried the asparagus soup and house salad, while Mom got the carrot soup.  Simply prepared, it is just carrots, ginger, lemongrass, and vegetable stock.  I tasted it and then couldn’t stop.  Rest assured Mom got a couple tastes 😉

Filet Mignon

Filet Mignon

Then the entrees came.  They were all plated beautifully.  Our guests ordered the chicken and salmon.  Dad had the short rib cannelloni, Mom had the filet mignon, and I ordered duck breast for the first time.  I always wanted to try duck and am so glad I did.  The crispy skin was exquisite, as was the almond milk foam it was served with.

All the entrees were hits and the home fries we ordered to share were irresistible.  Super thick cut, they were insanely crispy on the outside but moist and tender inside.

Duck Breast

Duck Breast

Dessert rounded out the meal.  While the rest of the table enjoyed baked Alaska with chocolate cake and vanilla semifreddo, Mom and I shared the olive oil cake.  It was delightful with candied oranges and a streusel that I couldn’t get enough of.

I highly recommend Forest to anyone in the area.  It was a delightful meal from start to finish, and I already can’t wait to go back.

Olive Oil Cake

Olive Oil Cake

Books on the Lake

Books on the Lake

I have been trying to get my writing career off the ground for about seven years now, and with each passing year the rejection and failure becomes more and more difficult to deal with.  This year, I have decided to do everything in my power to change my pat and the way I am feeling.

I have asked advice from many people and my dad’s boss suggested that I go to an event called Books on the Lake.  It is put on by the Grosse Pointe Library and held at the Grosse Pointe Yacht Club.  When I read about it, I was sorry I hadn’t attended the annual event sooner.

Books on the Lake

Though Mom and I were late thanks to a moving work crew that left the highway at a crawl for almost an hour, we didn’t miss much of the action.  We were presented a yummy meal and seated at a table with some super friendly, chatty people.  One of them was an author and was interested to hear my story as I was interested to heat how she made her way in the industry.

Devin Scillian

Before long, the speakers took the stage.  First was local news anchor and children’s author Devin Scillian.  I have been a fan of Devin for years, watching him on TV every weekday for about 15 years.  He gave a great and very interesting speech that detailed his love of both TV and books, reading his own book at the White House, and of course, trying to get published the first time.

He sent his book out, like I have done many times, and was excited to receive a letter back in the mail.  When he opened it, it said, “Dear Author.”  Anyone who has ever written to an agency or publisher knows what the next words were.  Something along the lines of “We’re sorry but we can’t represent your book, but we wish you luck in the future.”  He thought it was ironic that they referred to him as author.

Eventually Devin got the yes he was looking for and the rest is history.

Mardi Jo Link

Mardi Jo Link spoke next.  A native Michigander, she first began writing about her life living in Northern Michigan.  When she realized that wasn’t going to sell, she began writing books based on true crimes that had occurred in the area and found a publisher and an audience for them.

It was awhile later when she received a call from a big agent after submitting her work to just a few trying to reach more people with her work.  She had accidentally attached some of her writing about her life that she continued to write for her and her family only.  The agent was interested in that and felt people would too with the interest in the lives of real people growing.  It was so cool that a good portion of her career was really a happy accident.

Lisa Scottoline

The final speak er was Lisa Scottoline.  She has a bold, bright personality that invites you to listen and makes you want to be friends with her.  She has written 26 novels!  And also writes a newspaper column with her daughter.  In fact, it is her close relationship with her family that made it so easy for me to relate to her.  You all know I’m super close with my mom.  Who knows – maybe we’ll writer a newspaper column together one day!!!

I also love that she writes across genres.  I have never been inspired by only one genre, but by ideas, no matter where they fit in the genre landscape.  She proves that you can do all kinds of writing and be successful at all of it.

Books on the Lake

We had the chance to meet all the authors after the event and pick up some signed books.  It was great to meet them all, but we connected with Lisa the most.  In fact when I told her about my writing she said she’d help me find an agent.  I sent her an email and hope to hear from her soon.  I really hope that she can help me.  Having her say she would find an agent for me was incredible.  I have been waiting to hear those words for years.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!

We already can’t wait to go back next year.  The event was incredible and the setting is just gorgeous.  Plus, maybe, just maybe, going to Books on the Lake will be the one thing that changes everything for me.

Savor Detroit Spring 2016

Savor Detroit Spring 2016

Terrine of Corned Squab and Smoked Foie Gras

You know I love a fun night on the town and the dinners that Hour Detroit presents twice a year are beginning to be some of my favorites. For five nights they pair two chefs together to create edible masterpieces.  It’s a fun event that is very social.  The atmosphere is great and the food is even better.

I chose to attend the dinner with Luciano Del Signore from Bacco Restaurant locally in Southfield and Tom Lents from Sixteen Restaurant in Chicago.  There was great music all night long from Matt Kysia.  He sang so many great songs from Adele to Prince.  I was singing along all night.  He was cute too – maybe he’s single???

Savor Detroit Spring 2016

But the food is the real star and why we all head to the event.  The evening began with a terrine of corned squab and smoked foie gras from Chef Tom.  It was presented beautifully and garnished impeccably.  I’d never had foie gras before and can say with certainty this won’t be the last time I try it.  It was melt in your mouth silky smooth.  The sour cherries, artichokes, and green almonds that accompanied it were stellar.

Next was a rabbit agnolotti from Chef Luciano.  It may be the best thing I have ever eaten in my life.  Piping hot, the fresh pasta was tender and filled with a delicate rabbit mixture.  The fava bean cream, salty pecorino, and huge slice of crispy guanciale made the dish perfect.  Seriously perfect.  I am still craving the dish over a week later.

Rabbit Agnolotti

Rabbit Agnolotti

The third course was Chef Luciano’s orata fish with all the flavors of spring: peas, ramps, onions, and fennel.  They are some of my favorite foods and were presented in such a fresh way that allowed them to really shine through.  Though a substantial portion of fish was on the plate, the vegetables were the true star, which made me very happy.

Orata with Ramps, Peas, Onions, and Fennel

Orata with Ramps, Peas, Onions, and Fennel

Poussin with charred leek puree, fiddlehead ferns, and morels was the fourth course.  The charred leek puree was fabulous, but I must admit some of the poussin was a bit pink, which was concerning to me.  We have been taught that pink chicken is bad.  The next day however, Mom chatted with both Chef Luciano and Chef Tom about the dish.  They both assured us that the poussin was sourced from a farmer who has no issues with food borne illnesses.

Poussin with Leek Puree, FIddlehead Ferns, and Morels

Poussin with Leek Puree, Fiddlehead Ferns, and Morels

Chef Tom went on to explain that the pinkness was because he sous vide the poussin and did not mean that it wasn’t cooked.  He said when he creates dishes he sends them to food labs to be tested and ensure they are safe for consumption since he uses cutting edge techniques.  We learned so much from the conversation.  It really made me respect Chef Tom and made me wish he would have warned us at the event that the poussin may be a bit pink because I really would have liked to have eaten it.


Dessert was beautiful but loaded with chocolate, so I couldn’t indulge.  But the wine pairings from Joe’s Produce were stellar and the coffee from the Detroit Coffee Company was the perfect way to end the evening.  It was the best cup of coffee I have ever had.

Though I cannot say I am excited for fall itself, I am already looking forward to the next set of Savor Detroit dinners this fall.

Savor Detroit Spring 2016 Menu

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