Celebrate Mother’s Day with Cardstore

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

If you read my blog regularly, you probably know Mom is the most important person in my life. She’s my best friend, baking partner, shopping buddy, and so much more. I depend on her every day for nearly everything. I make it a priority to celebrate Mom year round, but on Mother’s Day, I make sure the day is extra special for her.

My Cardstore Card

My gift has been ordered, baking and dinner plans set in motion, and a card. Oh, wait, I needed a card. Yes, gifts are very important, but the cards are always what Mom hangs on to, reminding her of the special day. Sometimes I simply write a heartfelt note on a piece of computer paper, because Mom goes pretty much everywhere with me and it’s pretty hard to sneak around and buy a card. But this year, my card got a definite upgrade thanks to Cardstore by American Greetings.

My Cardstore Creation cardstore 3

Mom definitely deserves a real card this year, and I found the perfect one for her. It talks about how she is my person, and that is the best way to describe our relationship. Plus, it was designed by Taylor Swift! How cool is that??? I haven’t made it easy on mom. Sure, I’ve never been grounded and our fights are more like little, tiny arguments, but I make a living I’m trying to make a living as a novelist and screenwriter and she’s my only editor. She’s also kind of my only friend and the only person I have to talk to, so when I’m having a bad day, she knows about it. I rely on her to help me through everything. I know it’s not always easy for her, but I also know that we both believe things will work out soon. Without Mom, I literally don’t know what I would do. I actually get scared thinking about it.

cardstore info

Being a mom is definitely the World’s Toughest Job. Each mom has different roles they play and problems they solve, but they all work incredibly hard to make life better for those around them, and somehow they make it look super easy.

To prove how insanely difficult it is to be a mom, American Greetings created a job posting for Director of Operations with all the roles moms play. Millions of people saw the posting, but only 24 applied. Can’t say I blame them – it’s a tough job I know I couldn’t do. I am constantly in awe of Mom. If you want to share something you think should be added to the job listing, you can tell American Greetings.

My Cardstore Creation

I can’t wait until Mom’s card comes in the mail. I hope she enjoys it as much as I enjoyed creating it. It was so fun to scroll through the cards. Once I chose one, I got to customize it. I wrote a message on the inside, chose fonts and colors, and even added a couple pictures of Mom and me! This is the most personalized card I’ve ever given Mom, and it will be mailed right to her! I can’t wait to use Cardstore again, and you should check it out too. Head to Cardstore to make a Mother’s Day card, and use coupon code CCF4249 to purchase cards with regular prices up to $3.69 for $2.49. This offer is valid April 24-May 5. I know your mom will appreciate the card!

Also, you have to check out this video for the #WorldsToughestJob. It’s something you and your mom might want to look at together.

What’s the toughest job you have as a mom? What’s the toughest job your mom had? What are you doing to celebrate Mother’s Day?

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Cardstore.

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  1. What adorable cards!! My mom is my best friend too! This is a great idea for mother’s day…

  2. Oh, I love this sweetie! This video is amazing!

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  3. awww sweet! Being a mom is totally the toughest job!

  4. Wow that’s cool that you can create your own cards and customize them!

  5. So fun to create your own card! Very cool — thanks for turning us on to these.

  6. Nice post, Laura! And I bet your mom loves you even more!

  7. What a thoughtful card, I’d love to receive a personalised card like that!

  8. Laura, I can’t believe how much you and your mom looks like sisters! Love personal cards… they are so much more special. 🙂

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