Celebrate Summer with Fruttare

Celebrate Summer with Fruttare

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The list of things I love about summer is extensive. Sunshine, longer days, warmth, flowers, sandals, sundresses, taking walks, birds singing, baby animals, and frozen treats. Definitely frozen treats. Summer is the best excuse to indulge in all kinds of frozen goodies from ice cream and gelato to popsicles and frozen fruit bars. Not that I really need summer as an excuse to eat these foods. I’m all about frozen treats year round!

Celebrate Summer with Fruttare

My newest frozen obsession is Fruttare frozen fruit bars. I was so excited to pick some up on my latest trip to Hiller’s Market, where I do a lot of my grocery shopping. Fruttare bars are available at many different stores nationwide! I bought Mango and Strawberry, the only two flavors available where I shopped, but there are ten different varieties to check out.

I fell in love with both the Mango and Strawberry after one fruit flavor filled bite! Now I’m even more excited to check out the other flavors. I think Black Cherry is calling my name! All of Fruttare’s frozen fruit bars are so flavorful because they are full of fresh fruit and fresh fruit juice – nothing artificial! Some flavors also have real milk for added creaminess.

Celebrate Summer with Fruttare

Both the Mango and Strawberry have only 60 calories per bar, making them the perfect light summer treat to cool me off while still keeping my body beach ready! I also love Fruttare frozen fruit bars because they are incredibly versatile. Mom and I love enjoying them on our daily walks around the neighborhood. They keep us cool and refreshed when the summer sun beats down on us. They can definitely be an everyday treat.

Celebrate Summer with Fruttare

Care package for my new neighbor

On the other hand, Fruttare bars are perfect for special occasions. I put together a little care package for a new neighbor to welcome them to the neighborhood. In the package was Fruttare bars, some fresh, juicy cherries, and some homemade peanut butter fudge. Hopefully I made some new friends with that welcome kit! Fruttare bars are a welcome addition for any and every occasion, big or small.

Visit Fruttare’s website to learn more about the different flavors and high quality ingredients. Don’t forget to like their Facebook page as well. And on your next trip to the grocery store, make sure some Fruttare frozen fruit bars make it into your cart! What flavor do you think sounds best?

Celebrate Summer with Fruttare

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  1. mmmmm I love fruttare!!!

  2. I’ve not heard of these, but they sound wonderful! Good stuff — thanks.

  3. I was just telling Ryan that I wanted a popsicle! These look so good!

  4. You can tell these are made with real fruit. Very refreshing.

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