Cinnamon Biscoff Puppy Chow

Cinnamon Biscoff Puppy Chow

Just seven or so years ago (really?  seven?), today would have been the day I would have headed back to school.  If you’re doing math in your head, I’m only 22, but since those first day back to school days, I’ve done a lot of learning online, even more writing, and a bunch of dream chasing.  Going back to school on the computer in the comfort of your own home doesn’t bring the same anxiety and drama actual school does.

I would have been dreading this day basically since the last day of school sometime in June, though the dread would have intensified as the days of August disappeared without explanation.  I hated school, everything about it, and the first day back was filled with tears, stress, and failed attempts to get out of it.  The following days wouldn’t be a whole lot better.  Eventually I fell into a melancholy routine and survived but not much more.


Uncoated Puppy Chow

Each day I looked forward to the moment when the bell would ring and I could run out to the car where Mom or my baby sitter would be waiting to greet me.  I think that moment was the only thing that got me through the day most of the time.  The next was the snack waiting for me when I got home.  For the most part, I couldn’t bring myself to eat before or during school other than a cookie, candy bar, or granola bar, so by the time I got home I needed food.

Chips and salsa became my favorite snack in grade school, as it was my favorite baby sitter’s go-to snack.  Then there was the phase of chips and crackers, pretzels and candy.  In high school Mom put our blender to work with strawberries, bananas, and Haagen Dazs Vanilla ice cream, typically consumed while watching the news and trying not to fall asleep.

Cinnamon Biscoff Puppy Chow

Cinnamon Biscoff Puppy Chow

If you have kids and they’re heading back to school today, whether they’re dreading it or thrilled to head back (although are there any kids who want to go back?), this Cinnamon Biscoff Puppy Chow would be an awesome way to welcome them home and will only take up a couple moments of your day to make.  Puppy Chow is a classic kid treat that is totally addictive, but this is a remixed version of it.  If you’d like a more traditional version, albeit with white baking chips instead of chocolate because of that insane allergy of mine, check out my other Puppy Chow recipe.

This Puppy Chow uses my new obsession: Biscoff.  If you haven’t tried it, run to the store and buy a jar.  Though it has the same texture as peanut butter, the flavor is that of a cinnamon or ginger cookie.  It’s a little hard to explain, but trust me it’s one of the best things I’ve eaten that isn’t homemade.  The Biscoff is melted down and mixed with white baking chips and cinnamon chips, which are my other new favorite.  The goo has the warm spices and flavors of fall (even though I’m pretending fall isn’t happening and by looking out the window, I don’t have to try that hard) with a perfect balance of sweetness.  Corn Chex are then stirred in so they are total coated in the goo before they are showered with confectioners’ sugar.

A crispy, crunchy addictive snack with awesome flavor is the end result.  The pieces that clump together are my favorite with extra goo hiding between the cereal.  I prefer to have more goo and less cereal, which can lead to a slightly soggier end product, but that doesn’t bother me; I also like to have just enough confectioners’ sugar to coat the cereal without overpowering the flavors.  But the beauty of this recipe is it’s entirely up to your taste buds.  It’s the best way to cure the back to school blues.

Cinnamon Biscoff Puppy Chow

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Cinnamon Biscoff Puppy Chow
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: Varies
  • 1 cup creamy Biscoff spread
  • ½ cup Nestle white baking chips
  • ½ cup cinnamon chips (I use Hershey’s)
  • 5-5 ½ cups Corn Chex
  • 3 cups confectioners’ sugar
  1. In a large microwave safe bowl, place Biscoff and both kinds of chips. Microwave on high in 30 second intervals, stirring vigorously in between to promote melting. It should only take 1 minute total.
  2. Stir in the Chex. This is best accomplished 2 cups at a time. After adding 4 cups, check to see how much goo is left in the bowl before adding more. You will likely need the fifth cup, but be sure the mixture will not become too dry.
  3. Once the cereal is completely coated, add 2 cups of confectioners’ sugar. Stir to coat. Add the third if necessary until the cereal is completely or almost completely coated.
  4. May be stored in a zipper bag for up to 1 week at room temperature. I do not recommend freezing this recipe. Plus, it’s so tasty that it won’t last that long.



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  1. Debbie Eccard says:

    What a nice treat for after school for the kids and others! Great thinking and I loved how you introduced it.

  2. That’s a great idea! I usually just make the normal recipe on the box for puppy chow but this one sounds way better. Can’t wait to try this!! :o)

  3. Laura, this looks so dreamy! White chocolate and biscoff are a killer combination. I love my puppy chow, and have never used white chocolate OR biscoff in a puppy chow recipe before! Very creative. I can only imagine how purely ADDICTING it must be! 🙂

    • Thanks, Sally! It is so addicting. The flavor of the Biscoff really shines through, whereas I feel like peanut butter typically gets lost in the other flavors. I keep wanting to make this over and over.

  4. My fav. are the clumped ones too! Yess bc there’s more filling! Heheheee!

  5. You had me at Biscoff!! Wish I had a handful right now! 🙂

  6. I loathed school, too. I’d do ANYTHING to get out of going. I think at one point I had to get a doctor’s note to excuse my crazy amount of absences. Sk00l sUx! 🙂 This puppy chow looks awesome, though! I’d stick my head into a bag of it any day.

    • I never had to get a doctor’s note, but I once had a teacher make a huge fuss out of me missing more than 10% of the school year, even though my grades were still great. I was not happy with her at all, but neither was my guidance counselor who took care of it. I totally wish I would’ve had this puppy chow to come home to when I was in school. Maybe it would’ve made it a little better, although I don’t think anything could have.

  7. Beating me to the punch left and right! I was determined to make biscoff puppy chow as soon as I got home (and to my food processor, so I can whip up some more cookie butter!), and now that I’ve seen this, I have no excuse not to actually do it. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. I have a serious puppy chow and Biscoff obsession. Combining the two could be all sorts of trouble…but these look fantastic! They would be the best snack to come home to after school 🙂

    • This recipe is definitely trouble, but it is so good. If you love puppy chow and Biscoff, you must give this a try 🙂

  9. Very good.

  10. I have done PB, white chocolate, cake batter, and Nutella puppy chow, but never thought to use Cookie Butter or Biscoff. Genious!!!

    • I can’t tell you how much better I like the Biscoff puppy chow than the pb. It’s just insane. I can’t wait to play around with more flavors of puppy chow. It’s like the perfect food: easy to make, fun, yummy, and kind of healthy with the cereal, right? 🙂


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  3. […] was determined to make these a while ago when I first discovered Biscoff, but it was Laura’s post for Biscoff puppy chow that inspired me to actually try my own version of it. […]

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