Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs


Open egg carton

I have to be honest, one of the best parts about baking (there are so many) is tasting the batter or dough.  Even after I’ve gotten all I can out of the mixing bowl and into the pan, there’s just that little bit left calling my name, but I washed it down the drain fearing more than just batter lurked.  Eating raw eggs wasn’t something I could bring myself to do.  As yummy as that batter looked, it was not worth the risk.  But then I heard about pasteurized shell eggs on Good Eats and searched and searched until I found them.  Now they are all I use in my baking; they have made baking more enjoyable and safer.  There may be other brands, but I use Davidson’s large pasteurized shell eggs.  The egg whites take longer to whip than regular eggs, but I absolutely love them and don’t know what I did before I found them.  I may just leave a little extra batter in the bowl sometimes now that it doesn’t go to waste.

Closed egg carton