Detroit Basketball

Detroit Basketball

A few weeks ago, my parents and I went to our very first Pistons game.  We’ve been to lots of Lions and Red Wings games, and one Tigers game, but never ever a Pistons game.  It was time.

We love the Palace, having been there for many concerts.  While there is lots of fanfare around the Pistons moving to Little Caesars along with the Red Wings, I am really sorry to see the Palace go vacant.  It is a well maintained very nice destination for concerts and games that happens to be out of the congestion of Downtown Detroit.

The Palace of Auburn Hills

The Palace certainly knows how to make a basketball game fun too.  We actually began our evening in the Palace Grille, a fine dining type restaurant down on the lower level of the arena with really outstanding food.  We were glad to get a good meal before the game.

We might not be the biggest basketball fans, but I absolutely loved the game, and so did Mom.  I think Dad got a little bored, but oh well.

Detroit Basketball

Our seats were very close and let us see all the action and how small the court looked in person versus TV.  This Pistons might not be the best this season, but their opponents for the evening, the New York Knicks, are even worse and they pulled out the win.

After awhile, I’ll admit basketball is just the players kind of running up and down the court, but there is plenty of entertainment to keep things interesting.  The dancing usher, t-shirt sling shots, a race up and down the stairs, cheerleaders, a drum band, and a flag team are just some of the fun things they do during time outs and what not.

Detroit Basketball

Halftime was a Zumba performance which was super cool.  I am so amazed at how all those people coordinated their routine.  I always want to give Zumba a try, but I seriously lack coordination.

Detroit Basketball

One of the other super fun things they did were pizza parachute drops from the sky.  It was so funny to see the tiny pizza boxes with their tiny parachutes coming down from the rafters.

I am sorry I waited so long to check out a Pistons game in person, and equally as sorry to see the Palace go.  Sports in person are always a blast and the Palace is such a welcoming venue.  Hopefully we’ll have many more good times in Little Caesars Arena.

Pistons Mascot Hooper

Detroit Basketball

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  1. Debbie Eccard says:

    Cool! I’m so glad you got to go. Scott and I have been to a Piston game there and we loved it too! So exciting. We thought the court looked so small with all those huge men on it. Some kind of optical illusion…. Glad you enjoyed the game and the Palace.

  2. I don’t watch much basketball on TV, but I absolutely love going to a live game. It’s so much fun!

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