Easter Candy Bark #SundaySupper

Easter Candy Bark

Leftover Easter candy isn’t really a problem in my house. Leftover candy of any kind isn’t really a problem, in fact.

I’ve told you before I am obsessed with candy of all kinds.

So if I don’t have leftover candy in the house, I panic.

Easter Candy Bark

Because sometimes all of us crave jelly beans in October. You might not have a super-secret stash hidden from the rest of the family, but I do, because jelly beans are not to be messed around with.

My pantry is stocked with bag after bag of candy. Jelly Belly is a favorite, Williams-Sonoma has awesome sweets, and I have discovered a serious weakness for Starburst jelly beans.

Easter Candy Bark

I am pretty much literally a kid in a candy store . . . in my own house. How awesome is that???

But in case you have leftover Easter candy that you want to use up, make this Easter Candy Bark.

Easter Candy Bark

It is gluten free, no bake, ridiculously easy to make, and super versatile. Feel free to use whatever chocolate you want, as well as any candies. This is your creation. It’s such a great thing to make with kids too.

I hope you all have a great Easter and indulge in a little Easter candy!

Easter Candy Bark

Easter Candy Bark #SundaySupper

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Total Time: 1 minute

Yield: Varies


1 12 ounce bag white chocolate chips

1 teaspoon vegetable oil

1 large Peep bunny

¼ cup assorted jelly beans

¼ cup gummy butterflies


In a medium microwave safe bowl, combine chips and oil. Microwave on high in 30 second increments, stirring in between, until fully melted.

Pour white chocolate onto a parchment lined plate or baking sheet. Spread into an even and relatively thin layer.

Top with bunny, jelly beans, and butterflies, slightly pressing each into the chocolate.

Allow to harden completely before breaking into pieces and storing in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 1 week.


Additional cooling time is necessary. Feel free to use whatever candy and chocolate you wish.


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  1. Such a gorgeous candy bark with all the colorful jelly beans! I can never resist a white chocolate treat! Happy Easter!!!

  2. I don’t have a secret stash of jelly beans but I do have a big container of seasonal M&Ms/chips that would be perfect for your bark, Laura. Is there really such a thing as leftover candy? I think not. It’s just candy we haven’t eaten yet.

  3. Starburst jelly beans were always my favorite! Love that you’ve compiled all your leftovers into this cute bark!

  4. Oh how pretty and colorful! I was expecting chocolate and was pleasantly surprised with the brightness of this bark.

  5. Soooo cute, Laura! Yes, the candy. AND your habit of stashing jelly beans away from the parents =) When you live in LA, you’ll have to go to Gelson’s in Marina del Rey which has a half-row of jelly bean canisters. (Believe it’s the jelly belly kind.) Conversely, I’ll have to check out Williams-Sonoma =) Happy Easter!

    • I will be sure to check out Gelson’s when I move to LA 🙂 Jelly Belly also has an awesome online store. Thanks, Kim! Happy Easter to you too!

  6. Hee hee – I just ate my first jellybean in 10 years this past Friday, it was so good! I think I’m missing out on all the candies that I should’ve gotten this Easter. I’m so glad you’re putting it to good use though – this candy bark looks like a colorful, fun ways to use all of it up!

  7. Fun way to use Easter candy!

  8. I can’t believe I’ve never made bark!!! This is just so darned cute I need to do this!!! Beautiful pics!

  9. Love love love bark!! This is the perfect way to use up all that Easter candy!

  10. Christin@SpicySouthernKitchen says:

    What a great way to use all that Easter candy! Hope you had a wonderful Easter!

  11. Debbie Eccard says:

    Nice and easy! I know how you love candy. Going into your pantry is like going into the candy isle in Kroger!!

  12. Very pretty with all those colors. I love that peep bunny! Easter candy makes the best candy bark!

  13. I always have a stash of candy hidden away somewhere 🙂 This is too cute!!

  14. This is so cute! Candy bark is one of those treats that is just universally loved 🙂

  15. HOW CUTE!!!

  16. How pretty! This looks terrific — so colorful. And I know it’s full of flavor! Really clever recipe — thanks.

  17. My mom loves the Starburst jelly beans but my favorite are the classic Brachs.

  18. Sooooo ding dang cute!!


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