Healthy Baked Tuna Quinoa Cakes

Healthy Baked Tuna Quinoa Cakes

What comes to mind when you think of your favorite comfort food? Pizza? Macaroni and cheese? Nachos? Layer cake? Ice Cream?

For me, there is no better comfort food than seafood. I know, you’re thinking I’m insane. That seafood isn’t comfort food, but it totally is. Even better is that seafood is healthy comfort food, so you can love what you’re eating and feel good about putting it into your body.

This is especially true of Bumble Bee® Tuna. I have always had an affinity for tuna. I think I lived off of it for awhile in my childhood. There was nothing better than tuna salad with pickles and onions on top of crackers or spread onto bread, topped with cheese, and popped into the oven for a tuna melt.

Healthy Baked Tuna Quinoa Cakes

My tastes have since changed and been refined. I still love tuna, but I don’t find myself craving tuna salad very frequently, finding it heavy and caloric.

The great thing about tuna is that it is super healthy. It is a high-quality protein with healthy fats and vitamins and minerals. Relying on Bumble Bee® Tuna also makes meal time quick and easy, since it is super convenient. Plus, it’s versatile, so it can be a part of many dishes way beyond tuna salad.

While I could happily eat Bumble Bee® Tuna right from the pouch (I love that it comes in a pouch, by the way!), it is fun to get creative in the kitchen and whip up something new to tantalize my taste buds.

I knew immediately I wanted to make Healthy Baked Tuna Quinoa Cakes. I know you’ve heard of crab cakes, maybe they are even one of your favorite comfort foods, but these are their healthier, more flavorful cousins.

Healthy Baked Tuna Quinoa Cakes

I, like so many others, am obsessed with quinoa. It is such a great grain and makes these cakes gluten free. It binds the cakes together, along with the egg, and provides great texture. I actually just saved some quinoa one night when I made a salad. I love turning leftovers into something special!

The tuna adds that healthy protein to make these filling enough to be a nice dinner or lunch, and mustard is my secret ingredient. I’m more obsessed with mustard than quinoa and typically have five or more different varieties in the house. Use your favorite flavorful mustard to give these cakes some oomph! Plus, baking these keeps them super healthy, and they stay moist and almost creamy on the inside.

I served mine on lettuce with some Sriracha to make wraps, but they would be great on your favorite salad or on a whole wheat bun! Feel free to double or triple the recipe depending on how many people you’re serving.

If you work Bumble Bee® Seafood into your diet, it can be very comforting while providing you with needed nutrients and keeping your diet and healthy lifestyle on track!

Healthy Baked Tuna Quinoa Cakes

Healthy Baked Tuna Quinoa Cakes

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 20 minutes

Total Time: 25 minutes

Yield: 2 cakes


½ cup cooked and cooled quinoa

1 large egg

1 heaping tablespoon Dijon or other flavorful mustard

1 2.5 ounce pouch Bumble Bee® Premium Albacore Tuna in Water

Lettuce, for serving

Sriracha, for serving


Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment.

In a medium bowl mix together quinoa, egg, mustard, and tuna until well combined.

Divide in to two equal portions, form into balls, and place on the tray.

Bake for about 20 minutes until light golden brown. Serve immediately on lettuce with Sriracha.


Recipe may be multiplied easily to serve more people

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. I’m a real tuna lover too. Love these cakes — very creative. And very healthy! Thanks so much.

  2. What a great way to serve tuna! Healthy and delicious.

  3. These look so good and I love that they have quinoa and are healthy!

  4. Stan & Carol says:

    Happy 25th Birthday! Best wishes on your Special Day. We always look forward to your wonderful recipes, please keep them coming.

  5. Debbie Eccard says:

    I love Tuna so I know I would love these. They look so appetizing! Thanks for the healthy meal….

  6. This recipe is so darn unique. I simply love the tuna and the quinoa together.

  7. I love this healthy comfort food recipe. These tuna cakes look delicious! And the addition of quinoa is brilliant!

  8. So I don’t think I put enough mustard or seasonings in mine, so it was a bit bland, (oops! :/) but I really enjoy the fact that this was so easy and healthy! I decided to get a little creative for my leftover tuna cake and put some chipotle Tabasco sauce on it, chopped it up, and mixed in some corn and pico de gallo. It really helped to dress it up a bit, while still being healthy!

    • Hi Lydia! I definitely use a lot of mustard for flavor, but I’m glad you liked it. Tabasco is one of my favorites to add to dishes too. Thanks for leaving a comment 🙂


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