Luxe Bar and Grill

Luxe Bar and Grill

Margaret, Ron, Mom, and Me (Dad had to man the camera)

Almost a month ago, my parents and I ventured out to dinner to meet some friends in Downtown Birmingham.  We had long standing plans that were cancelled at the last minute, but we still wanted to go out, so we called longtime family friends Ron and Margaret who were available and excited for the outing. 

When trying to choose a place to eat, Ron said it didn’t really matter to them, as it it’s about the company and conversation, not the food.  I loved that because that’s my philosophy on going out.  I’d rather eat at home any day, but I go out to catch up with friends and talk the night away (and get all dressed up!).

Luxe Bar and Grill

But, of course, I do still hope the food, service, and ambiance of the restaurant is enjoyable.  We decided on Luxe Bar and Grill.  The place is small, though quite nice and inviting, not to mention already bustling at five o’clock.  That’s always a good sign!  We only had to wait a few minutes for our table, where we were greeted by a friendly and knowledgeable waitress.  However, they didn’t have bottled water.  Don’t judge me, but I only drink bottled water and was surprised and frustrated they didn’t have any.  Dad saved the day by walking over to the sister restaurant next door to buy one.

Luxe Bar and Grill

Luxe Bar and Grill

Luxe Bar and Grill

All of the food was really awesome.  Ron and Margaret had a chopped salad that they enjoyed.  Ron liked his salmon and thought it was a generous portion.  Margaret said her prime filet was “to die for.”  Now that’s a serious complement!  I always love when restaurants serve prime meat – the difference is very noticeable.  Dad ate every bite of his ribs, fries, and macaroni and cheese and said he’d like to go back to Luxe soon.  Mom and I split the crispy Brussels sprouts salad and fish tacos.  The fish tacos weren’t my favorite, but Mom enjoyed them.  The slaw and homemade tortilla chips with them were outstanding.  I could have eaten those chips all night long.  The salad was wonderful.  The fried Brussels were delightful, especially when paired with the haricot verts and dried cherries.  We also had regular and sweet potato fries, though they were a little soggy for my taste.

Luxe Bar and Grill

Luxe Bar and Grill

All in all the, the meal was great and the company even better.  We finished the night with a walk around town and a lot more talking.  The rainy day cleared up for a nice, but a little chilly, evening.  I’m already looking forward to seeing Ron and Margaret again, and maybe going back to Luxe too.

Luxe Bar and Grill

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  1. lol you’re so silly, there’s nothing wrong with non-bottled water! I’m glad you had fun, it looks like it was a super yummy dinner!

  2. Wow, the food looks great. I want to reach out and pick up one of those fries. What a fun outing!

  3. What a lovely picture of you, your mom and your friends! And the photos of food you took at the restaurant are amazing! It’s so hard to take photos at a restaurant with all their dimmed lighting, and your photos came out very nice and appetizing! Sounds like you had a lot of fun too! 🙂

    • Thanks, Julia! The restaurant had better lighting than most because it had a lot of natural light, so that helped a lot.

  4. Sounds like your family had a lovely evening out! Can I just say you and your mum matched your outfits so perfectly with your bright red lips and her bright red dress! You both look stunning!

  5. Good meal, good company – what more could you want!

  6. I would definitely go back.

  7. What a lovely photo. 🙂 Love your lipstick!
    That food looks so good! Hehe…bottled water. I’m picky about restaurant water but I’ve never gone the bottle route. 😉

  8. Debbie Eccard says:

    Looks like a turn in the plans was for the best…. You and your mom look fabulous and the food looks delicious too….

  9. Everything looks delicious, but you, my dear, are so beautiful! You stole the show 🙂

  10. You always look so put together. And so does your famille!

  11. You and your mom look wonderful! You two always dress to impress and I think that’s awesome!

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