Make Breakfast Better with Jimmy Dean

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Jimmy Dean® for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

Make Breakfast Better with Jimmy Dean

I am bored with breakfast. I’ve eaten more bowls of oatmeal than I can count. I’ve made every kind of frozen banana smoothie under the sun. There’s been plenty of granola and granola bars. I’m pretty sure I’m either going to turn into an oat or a banana. And I don’t really want to do that.

But I still like a fast, easy, healthy breakfast that will keep me full a good portion of the day. That’s why I started to turn to Jimmy Dean Delights frozen breakfast sandwiches.

Make Breakfast Better with Jimmy Dean

Jimmy Dean brings quality, taste, and convenience to busy morning routines. When you are racing out the door to get to work or school on time or don’t want to spend all morning in the kitchen on relaxing weekend mornings, these breakfast sandwiches are the perfect thing to eat. They are easy to take with you and come in single servings, so there’s no worrying about overeating or wasting leftovers.

Clearly they are easy to make, ready in less than three minutes using the microwave, but what I love is that they are made with real ingredients, including eggs, cheese, and sausage with the classic unique blend of savory Jimmy Dean seasonings we all enjoy.

Delights are available in many varieties, so there is one for everyone. I can’t get enough of the Bacon, Egg, and Cheese Honey Wheat Flatbread. I mean it has bacon so it’s an obvious winner! The flatbread is so unique and really sets this sandwich apart from any other breakfast sandwiches I’ve had. The Canadian Bacon, Egg White, and Cheese Honey Wheat English Muffin is one of my parents’ favorites. I think because it takes them back to their favorite fast food breakfast sandwiches.

Make Breakfast Better with Jimmy Dean

This is so much healthier than those fast food sandwiches, though, as all of them have under three hundred calories, but are full of flavor and very satisfying. As Jimmy Dean says, “300 Calories Never Tasted So Good.” I have to agree with that!

To check out all the varieties available and learn more, visit Oh, and for creative recipe ideas visit Jimmy Dean on Pinterest:

Because I know you want to try these sandwiches, you can also get $1.00 off any one box of Jimmy Dean Delights Breakfast Sandwiches at Meijer with the Jimmy Dean Mperk coupon from This offer is valid through 1/31/15.

Make Breakfast Better with Jimmy Dean

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  1. My grandmother used to love Jimmy Dean. I haven’t eaten them in a long time. Nice post. Now you’re making me hungry lol.

  2. These look really good! And like you, I often get in a breakfast rut- usually a Larabar or protein smoothie. And I too like the idea of real ingredients, so many breakfast foods lack any sort of proper nutrition. And bacon is always a plus haha 🙂

    xx Nina

  3. What a yummy post – especially since I’m reading it at breakfast time! I don’t think Jimmy Dean is available in Canada, but they sound great.

  4. They sound delicious. I love that they’re made with real ingredients!

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