Modern Matinee #FashionFriday

Modern Matinee #FashionFriday

My parents and I frequently see plays and musicals at the Fisher Theater in Detroit.  I’ve lost count of how many we have seen and often forget about some of the shows we’ve seen.  We have enjoyed almost all of them and continue to go year after year.

Recently we saw If/Then, the most modern musical we have ever seen.  It tells a contemporary story in a contemporary way.  Even though I didn’t know the songs, I found many of them very catchy.  The performers, including Anthony Rapp of Rent fame and Tamyra Gray from American Idol, were stellar.

Modern Matinee #FashionFriday

In honor of the musical, which is one of my new favorites, I put together a modern outfit.

The classic denim skirt is taken to a new level with a silk chiffon belt.  I added a pop of color from a blouse too which played off my pink lipstick.

Because it was a pretty much frigid day outside, I wore my boots (hopefully for the last time this year) and a lightweight topper coat.  I actually rarely wear this coat, but it really is very nice and adds a hip vibe to outfits.  It keeps me warm without screaming winter.

Modern Matinee #FashionFriday

I love discovering old piece in my closet that I haven’t worn in awhile.  It’s like shopping in my own house!  Do you have anything in your closet that you can bring back to life?

Blouse: Theory // Skirt: Armani Collezioni // Boots: Christian Louboutin // Coat: D&G

Modern Matinee #FashionFriday

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  1. Debbie Eccard says:

    I do love when I find something that I haven’t worn for awhile! I did that with a pair of shoes the other day….

    Your outfit is so sweet! Looks great and I love the boots. I have finally put mine away!

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