Momofuku Milk Bar Part 2

Momofuku Milk Bar Part 2

I needed a pick-me-up with the continuation of this endless (and endlessly terrible) winter.  That’s right; I needed the UPS man to deliver a food treat from a yummy bakery.  I was debating what to order, but when I saw Momofuku had a cake that didn’t contain chocolate or cheese, my mind was made up.  It was time for another delivery from Momofuku Milk Bar.

As always, my order included Corn Cookies, Peanut Butter Cookies, and Crack Pie.  You can read my thoughts on them in further detail in my first review.  In short, they’re totally awesome.  You know I’m obsessed with the Peanut Butter Cookies, as I’ve also made them twice in about the last month.  Crack Pie and Corn Cookies will also be on the baking agenda now that I’ve also stocked up on Corn Powder, which is a fabulous sub for cornmeal.  I forget how good Crack Pie is in between orders.  After one bite, I was hooked all over again and wanting to eat the entire pie.  It is beyond words tasty – possibly the best thing I’ve ever eaten.

Momofuku Milk Bar Part 2

Momofuku Milk Bar Part 2

But this time, it was the Pineapple Upside Down Cake that had me super excited.  I’ve told you before I don’t like pineapple upside down cake, but I can assure you I’ve never had pineapple upside down cake like this.  If I had, my dislike for it never would have started.  This cake was everything I hoped it would be and more.

It all begins with the best coconut cake I’ve ever had, and I love coconut cake and have eaten my fair share.  Light and fluffy, it has great coconut flavor and tiny pieces of shredded coconut.  Simply awesome!  Then there’s the cherry-buttermilk soak.  It adds a burst of pink and tang, not to mention moisture.  The pineapple frosting is smooth and creamy with the flavor of sweetened pineapple.  There are also a few pieces of pineapple that seem cooked or compressed.  I’ve never been a big fan of pineapple, but these pieces made me like it more than ever.  The cake mix crumbs on top and hidden in the cake were soft and slightly gritty and totally awesome.  A bite with all of the components and flavors was mind blowingly amazing with different textures and flavors that all blend seamlessly to make food magic.

Momofuku Milk Bar Part 2

So all of you New Yorkers, take a trip to Momofuku Milk Bar as soon as possible.  And for all of you non-New Yorkers like me, make it a pit stop on your next trip to New York or order some Momofuku Milk Bar goodies for a special treat!

Momofuku Milk Bar Part 2

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  1. So pretty!

    I totally do need to try that crack pie

  2. That cake is beautiful! I love the colors! And the huge cake crumbs on top. That is like a piece of art.

    I’m also dying to try some crack pie.. it should be on my recipes to try list. Umm I don’t even know what’s in it…:P

    Anyway I just made something “momofuku” last week… and posting soon!

    • The cake is totally like art. Really yummy art! Crack pie is kind of like pecan pie without the pecans. Lots of eggs and sugar and yummy-ness. Can’t wait to see your Momofuku recipe, Ruby!

  3. Wow, crack pie! I think there’s a Momofuku in Toronto, too bad I don’t live there! I’m gonna have to make an order.

  4. Omg I love the milk bar! And I am so jelly of you right now! I need to order some or bake some LOL! I am actually making the bagel bombs next week for my birthday! I can’t wait and crack pie.. oh how I miss crack pie. And birthday cake truffles!! MMM YuM!

    • I haven’t made or tried the bagel bombs yet, but anything Momofuku is a great way to celebrate a birthday! The crack pie . . . there almost aren’t words.

  5. Laura, I would really like to try this place but alas, can only read about it from here. I have made the crack pie but am worried it loses something in translation. This looks very good!

    • Crack pie is on my list of things to make too! Having made some of their cookies and tasted them straight from the source, I think the recipes to make at home are pretty close to the originals.

  6. That pineapple upside-down cake looks totally outrageous. It must be 10 inches tall! What a treat! Now, if that doesn’t chase off the winter blues, nothing will. 😉

    • The cake was so tall, but it’s rather small around. I’m amazed at how much work must go into making it.

  7. Oh, I want a delivery from Momofuku, too! Too bad we don’t have it where I live. And yes, this winter is endless: the sun was shining 4 days ago, then 2 days later it dumped snow and the winter was back, with cold temperatures, too.

  8. I would love a trip there! You have no idea.
    Talk about creativity–that man is a genius!

    • The creativity factor with Momofuku is off the charts. I am constantly in awe of the unique treats . . . and how awesome they taste! Thanks, Dawn!

  9. I need a Momofuku delivery, too!! We just had a foot of snow yesterday… some bakery treats would really help me out with these winter blues. 😉

    • Bakery treats are just about the only cure for a foot of snow. Hopefully spring is around the corner for all of us, Kate!

  10. i need to experience momofuku sometime soon!

  11. You must realize that…. for all of us no where near NYC……we would simply LOVE to find a way to “attempt” this work of culinary art at home……Divulge your secrets at will!!!!

  12. Debbie Eccard says:

    After the week I have had, I could use these too!! Good for you.

  13. What a treat this must be! I have to give this recipe a try. This would be perfect to serve at some point during the holiday weekend. I hope your week is off to a great start. Blessings…Mary

  14. Glad you got your hands on corn powder (and the Crack Pie). I’ve made it. It’s an epic task to make and I suggest halving the recipe…well, maybe not, you love it that much. But 1 pie was sooo much. Plenty! We didn’t need 2. lol Excited to hear how it goes for you.

    • I can’t wait to make the crack pie. I think I probably will make both, as it freezes really well, and I may share some if I can tear myself away from the pan 😉

  15. Momofuku really needs to ship internationally! I’m dying to get my hands on that corn powder so I can make corn cookies, and I can’t seem to source any freeze dried corn anywhere in Australia.

    • I bet they’ll ship internationally one day. Check out Amaazon for some freeze dried corn and you could always grind it down to powder yourself.

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