Movie Night with Ribera y Rueda Wine

Movie Night In with Ribera y Rueda Wine

This spring has been just beautiful with lots of warm, sunny days. It reminds me how much I absolutely love this time of year after the long, cold, snowy winter.

But spring can be full of rain too, like the past few days. We had so much rain on Mother’s Day and now we’re waiting for a line of thunderstorms to come through. Storms always make me so nervous.

Ribera y Rueda Wine

Rain is a good thing though, as it keeps all the plants and flowers green, blooming, and happy. In order to keep me happy and not a bundle of nerves every time lightning strikes or thunder booms, I love having movie nights in. in fact, sometimes even when it’s nice out, I can’t help but pop a Blu-ray in, grab some snacks, and a nice drink and call it a night.

Some of my favorite nights are simple movie nights at home, chilling in my track suit and fluffy slippers. Sure, it’s fun to get dressed up and go out, but it’s equally as fun to take some me time when I’ve had a busy week.

RIbera y Rueda Wine

I picked out a couple of my go to movies. I love a good romantic comedy! If only love was like in the movies, but I digress …

And threw in some of my favorite snacks. I am a gummy worm addict. These actually came from a giant six pound bag from our local warehouse store. And yes I eat them all … just not at one time 🙂

I was so excited to try out Ribera y Rueda wine to accompany my comfy clothes, girly movies, and fun snacks. I chose the Ribera Tempranillo for my movie night this time. We all know gummy worms and bears pair best with red wine, right? It also works with the bold flavor of the blueberries.

The Tempranillo is bold, rugged, and ripe. The grapes are grown in Spain, not too far from Madrid, where the summers are hot and the winters are cold. That, along with a rocky, rigid terrain, makes for the perfect place to grow these grapes.

Movie Night In

In fact, they’ve been growing grapes there for over 2000 years and cultivate what’s new and what’s next in every vineyard and vintage they produce.

Ribera y Rueda wines are perfect for all occasions; that’s actually my favorite thing about them. I loved it for my movie night, but it’s also perfect for entertaining, to go alongside a gourmet dinner, or to sit outside and drink while watching the sunset.

Personally, I’m pretty excited to pop open the Rueda Verdejo, which is bright, crisp, and best served chilled, as the weather gets warmer for a refreshing drink. What do you think I should pair with it? Gummy fruit slices 😉

Movie Night In

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Tracksuit and fluffy slippers sound perfect to me! 🙂

  2. I love this wine! I was fortunate enough to do this campaign, as well. I am also a gummy work addict 🙂

  3. Jessica says:

    I love a good movie night! Plus I just saw an article that stated having 2 glasses of wine a few nights a week has a lot of benefits! (As if an excuse was needed lol)

  4. Debbie Eccard says:

    Wine and a movie! Just perfect!!

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