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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of NeuEnergy for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

NeuEnergy New Me I’ve been using NeuEnergy a few weeks now.  Before it, I wasn’t into energy supplements and only drank coffee now and then.  That doesn’t mean I was always a bundle of energy.  I wasn’t.  I got fatigued mentally and physically, sometimes at the least convenient moments. 

Instead of trying to push through those moments or calling it quits and sitting down or falling asleep, I tried NeuEnergy.  And let me tell you, I really like it.

It’s not something I would take every day or all the time.  I don’t need it that much, and I would rather save it, so I feel that burst of energy instead of building up a tolerance.  I also love that it doesn’t make me crash in an hour or two like I’ve heard other supplements can.

I have found it particularly helpful when I am writing.  After awhile, sometimes my brain kind of stops wanting to write and often that’s not an option.  NeuEnergy kind of resets me and allows me to continue writing, taking a few steps closer to my dreams coming true. NeuEnergy New Me And then there are the times I sit down at night and want to watch TV but can feel my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.  Now instead of missing the latest TGIT shows, NeuEnergy keeps me awake.  It doesn’t give me a jolt that doesn’t let me sleep later.  This could just be me though, so take caution when using it near bedtime.

I also tend to take mornings slow.  TV, breakfast, email.  But recently I needed to have my hair done early in the morning.  I had to get up, get ready, and head out the door before I’d typically have done little more than catch up on the morning news and eat breakfast. NeuEnergy New Me I really wanted to do it but was afraid I’d be super groggy.  With NeuEnergy on my side, I felt wide awake and had a great day.  In fact, I think it turned me into a morning person.  I want to do more things in the morning.  I got so many things done and had a great day.

Remember my NeuEnergy selfie?  You can still create your own and enter their Instagram contest.  Just post a selfie with NeuEnergy and the hashtags #GetNeuEnergy and #contest as well as @GetNeuEnergy.  The contest runs until March 16th and is open to residents of the US and Canada, except Quebec.  The public will vote on winners who will receive awesome prizes including a grand prize trip to either Disney World or Cabo San Lucas.  That sounds really good right now as snow is falling here.  Check out the contest details and rules.

I’ll be picking up more NeuEnergy at my local Meijer, but you can also buy it on Amazon and  I’m excited to continue on my NeuEnergy journey and I hope you will check it out too.  With caffeine and the natural power of blueberries, this really is a great healthy, safe energy solution with zero calories and zero sugar.

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  1. […] The content and opinions expressed below are that of Pies and Plots. View Original Article here […]

  2. […] The content and opinions expressed above are that of Pies and Plots. View Original Article here […]

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