New Year’s Resolutions to “Get Old”

Not too long ago I told you what I’m doing to make sure I live a good, healthy long life. It’s about more than just eating healthy and exercising. It’s about leading a life of balance and happiness, because, let’s be honest, if we’re not happy, truly not happy, life isn’t going to be good no matter what else we’re doing.

There are always things we can do to improve our lives. No one is perfect. All the yoga in the world isn’t going to compensate for a diet full of cheeseburgers and a job that leaves you stressed out isn’t going to get any better no matter how much water you drink.

It’s that time of year, though. You know? The holidays, which means the New Year and the resolutions that accompany it are just around the corner. In the midst of buying gifts, cooking and baking, traveling, heading to parties, and spending time with family, perhaps you’ve had a chance to consider the resolution you’ll be making come January first. Maybe you’ve been considering it since last year’s resolution went by the way side by the time February rolled around. When you make resolutions, it’s the perfect time to think about how the things you do now will affect how you Get Old.

What’s Get Old? Get Old is an initiative developed by Pfizer to challenge people of all ages to rethink what it means to Get Old and take a more active role in their health and quality of life at every age. Sounds like a pretty good initiative to me. In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, especially around the holidays, it’s easy to forget that the actions we take today will have a huge impact on our lives years and years from now. But it’s true.

Everything from skin care to healthy eating to exercise to trying to keep stress levels low can add not only years, but good years on to our lives. No one wants to live to be 100 if it means being sickly, frail, and unable to enjoy life. While there are no guarantees, changes, both big and small, can help to ensure we all Get Old with success.

New Year's Resolutions to Get Old with Pfizer

Playing games is going to help me achieve my New Year’s Resolution to de-stress!

I’m not always a huge fan of resolutions, but this initiative inspired me to make one this year.I  try to do a lot of things in life that will ensure I Get Old with ease, but one thing I’m not good at is stress control. Frankly, sometimes I’m a bit of a stressed out mess. And that is so not good for my health, now or later. My resolution is to try to stress less. While this is easier said than done, I’m determined to make a conscious effort.

How am I going to do this?I ’m going to disconnect from my phone and computer. Running a blog means I’m constantly checking emails and social media, but it can be super draining. I’m also going to cook and bake for fun. It’s not always fun to bake with the pressure of taking pictures and writing about it. Baking has always been one of my favorite ways to de-stress and I want to go back to that. I’m also going to try to play more games. Card games, board games, whatever. Mom has always said she loves to play games, so I figure it would be fun to have game night. It will also be fun to put together a really hard puzzle. Games and puzzles will also help my brain function and memory increase, helping me Get Old too. Score!

New Year's Resolutions to Get Old with Pfizer

Putting together puzzles will keep my mind active, helping me to Get Old!

So what are your resolutions? What are you going to do to help you Get Old?

What are you doing to Get Old well? Tell us at and join the conversation on and

I am participating in a sponsored campaign hosted by Pfizer and Get Old. I received compensation for this post. All opinions stated are my own. Get Old is a registered trademark of Pfizer Inc.


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  1. I am always trying to stress less and just learn to let things roll of my shoulders and appreciate all the good things! So much easier said than done, but I’m trying! Work in progress : )

  2. Debbie Eccard says:

    Good life lesson.

  3. This is such a great post! Super inspirational! I need to reinvigorate my exercise habits as I’ve gotten a bit complacent.

  4. I live for playing games! It is definitely a great way to get old well!

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