Peanut Butter and Jelly Puppy Chow

Peanut Butter and Jelly Puppy Chow

Hi.  I’m Laura, and I’m a nail polish addict.  You might have noticed my nail polish in the occasional photo here on the blog or more frequently if you follow me on Twitter or Pinterest.  My nails are always done.  I do them myself every Friday night.  I mentioned before that I’ve never had a professional manicure or pedicure.  That’s partly because I want to control the process and partly because I love doing it myself.  Plus, even if a bottle costs $20, I know I’m going to get three or four manicures out of it when one professional manicure would cost at least $20.

Painting my nails is so relaxing and choosing a color a way of expressing myself.  Feeling down? Black it is.  Waiting for spring?  How about orange?  Celebrating Christmas?  Let’s go green.  Sometimes I even do an accent nail, ombre, or a twist on a French manicure.

Nail Polish

The bottles currently open and in rotation on my nails.

Nail Polish

I typically have 15-20 bottles open at a time.  I try to keep all different colors open, along with my life and nail saving top and base coat: Deborah Lippmann’s Hard Rock.  I have tried every base and top coat out there and none can even compare to Hard Rock.  I can’t tell you how many bottles I’ve gone through.

But here’s the thing.  When new nail polish collections come out and I see colors I like, I have to buy them.  I allow myself pretty much all the new nail polish I want.  And I have a drawer full of it as a result.  Probably more than I could use in my lifetime, particularly since it’s only a matter of time until I buy more.

Nail Polish

The many boxes of nail polish waiting to be used.

Nail Polish

But on days when I’m just at home baking and exercising, it makes me feel pretty, and on days I’m down in the dumps, it makes me feel happy.  And sometimes when it chips, it makes me want to scream.  But really, for me nail polish is a simple pleasure that makes life a whole lot better.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Puppy Chow

Peanut Butter and Jelly Puppy Chow

You know what else makes life better?  Peanut Butter and Jelly Puppy Chow.  That’s right, a new version of puppy chow that’s as addictive as ever.  It only seemed natural to turn peanut butter and jelly into puppy chow.  The only problem is something with a lot of water like jelly tends to make puppy chow soggy and trust me, there’s nothing worse than soggy puppy chow.  So after stirring the cereal into the melty peanut butter, it’s coated in a mixture of confectioners’ sugar and crushed Cap’n Crunch Oops All Berries.  The berry cereal lends that jelly flavor without adding moisture and blends seamlessly into the puppy chow, giving that classic peanut butter and jelly flavor.  Now excuse me while I go look for nail polish colors to match the Oops All Berries!

Peanut Butter and Jelly Puppy Chow

Peanut Butter and Jelly Puppy Chow

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 1 minute

Total Time: 11 minutes


1 cup creamy peanut butter

1 cup white baking chips or peanut butter chips (either will work great)

5-6 cups Corn Chex

3-4 cups confectioners’ sugar

1-2 cups Cap’n Crunch Oops All Berries


In a large microwave safe bowl, melt peanut butter and chips in 30 second increments, stirring in between, until fully melted.

Add the Chex. Start with 3 cups and stir. Continue adding cereal in ½ cup increments until there is not too much peanut butter mixture in the bottom of the bowl. I like mine to still be a little gooey.

Place the Cap’n Crunch in a zipper bag. Seal the bag tightly. Using the back of a spoon or a rolling pin, crush the cereal so that most of it is ground into a powder. A few bigger pieces are okay. Add the confectioners’ sugar to the bag and shake until combined. Pour the cereal and sugar mixture over the Chex coated with peanut butter and stir until all the pieces are fully coated. If the coating is not thick enough, add more confectioners’ sugar to the bowl, no need to combine it with more Cap’n Crunch. May be stored in an airtight container at room temperature for up to 1 week. I do not recommend freezing this recipe.

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  1. Still haven’t tried puppy chow but its so on my list! Holy moly that’s a ton of nail polish. Would love to see a pic of some ombre nails but don’t have instagram 🙁 I like the little colourful flecks on that puppy chow!

  2. I totally agree with the nail varnish! This looks yummy. I’ve never made puppy chow but its on my to make list 🙂

  3. Wow – that’s a lot of nail polish!! 🙂 This looks so yummy!

  4. Sounds amazing. I do not know this kind of sweets but would definitely like to try them.

  5. Oh nail polish. My sister has nail polish racks- like they do in the salon. You guys would get along just dandy! But I think we should still be friends and stuff our faces with this puppy chow! YUMMMO

  6. Maybe I need to try something besides a French manicure…your colors look so fun! And this puppy chow must be addicting! YUM!

  7. The nail colors are fabulous and so is the taste of the new puppy chow! The title will entice you but the ingredients will fool you. Great idea, have fun with the manicures!

    • Yeah, I love that the ingredients give you that classic pbj flavor, but you’d never guess what they are. Thanks, Carol!

  8. Wow, you really have a nice collection of nail polish. I once very into nail polish and buy whatever color I see coming out and matched my skin tone. But not as many as you have though. I’m envy! 🙂 Now that I cook and bake a lot…and have kids (mainly because of the kids), I hardly find time to color my nails. As you say, the professional ones are just expensive. Seeing your collection made me want to color my nails right the way.

    I’ve tried many brands of top/base coat before and haven’t found one that I like. I think I’ll have to get myself a bottle of Deborah Lippmann’s Hard Rock! Thanks for recommending. And can’t wait to try your PB and J puppy chow!

    • I buy all the colors I love that go with my skin. They’re just too pretty to resist. I have tried all the top/base coats and Hard Rock is for sure the best. Thanks, Amy!

  9. I have a PB puppy chow recipe in my cookbook but it doesnt use jelly…I LOVE that yours does! This sounds irresistible!

  10. Hello, Laura. It’s nice to meet a fellow nail polish addict. And here I thought I was the only weirdo with a nail polish obsession. I basically own the entire lot of O.P.I. I play a little game called Name That Polish… Only I’m usually the only one playing 🙂 If someone is wearing a color that I know, I blurt it out. I can’t help it! As a result of my weirdness, I get some funny looks. Oh well. We should seriously get together and talk polish, and I can’t wait to try that top coat.

    This puppy chow looks so good. I love that combo!

    • We totally need to bond over our nail polish obsession. There aren’t enough of us nail polish addicts out there 😉

  11. Wow that looks great! Can’t believe I missed this one… 🙁

  12. Yum what a great twist to a generic breakfast cereal!

  13. Holy nail polish! Now you’ve made me feel less guilty about the 20 or so bottles I have around the house. My vice is lip products. I have no less than 10 in my purse most of the time!

    • I am planning to do a separate post about my love of makeup. Lips, eyes, face, I am also super obsessed with makeup!

  14. Another way to use Corn Chex. This time with crunch beries. Very goood.

  15. Debbie Eccard says:

    Cute! OMG! You have nail polish out the Kazoo!! But your nails do always look beautiful…. After this yard work, I will relax and do mine, probably Sunday night before my party on Monday and my birthday dinner on Tuesday. They, however, will never look as nice as yours. Hugs, Debbiee

    • You should put on an extra special color for your birthday! Wish I could share one of mine with you 🙂 Happy early birthday!


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