Preppy Pleats #FashionFriday

Preppy Pleats #FashionFriday

After years of going to parochial schools, you would think I would shy away from pleated skirts, but sometimes I push those bad memories aside and break out my pleated skirt.  Plus, it’s a world away from those itchy wool skirts of my school days.

Preppy Pleats #FashionFriday

Pleats are a great way to give a skirt movement, and for me that’s always a good thing.  I want my skirt to flow with me instead of just sitting stick straight most of the time, especially in the spring and summer.  There’s just something about the billowiness that I love.

Since it’s not quite spring yet, I took an awesome color combination of navy, gray, and black.  They are great winter neutrals.

Preppy Pleats #FashionFriday


Preppy Pleats #FashionFriday

I felt like the outfit really needed something to make it pop, so I added my Chanel pearl belt.  It is so versatile and definitely makes me feel like we are heading toward spring.

Do you like pleated skirts?

Top: Michael Kors // Skirt: DKNY // Handbag: YSL // Belt: Chanel

Preppy Pleats #FashionFriday

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  1. I’m glad I have a few pleated skirts in my closet—maybe I’ll wear one today 🙂

  2. Debbie Eccard says:

    I remember a red pleated skirt that I loved that I wore to work for years. It was so cute and I always felt good in it. It had a black velvet corded waist band.

    Your’s looks fabulous….Love everything!!!

  3. I went to parochial school too. I’m now of the mindset that I wear a skirt or dress only when I have to. Otherwise, I’m very firmly a jeans and t-shirt kind of gal. 🙂

    • I still love skirts and dresses. But I think being told what to do and wear for so long made me a fiercely unique, independent thinker.

      • Oh, I’d agree with that. I rebelled plenty especially in high school–We still had nuns as some of the teachers, and I liked provoking them. 😉 I think my dislike of skirts and dresses is from having to wear them almost every day for 12 years.

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