Roasted Strawberry Baked Oatmeal + Giveaway

Roasted Strawberry Baked Oatmeal

I’m also a part of a group giveaway on White Lights on Wednesday!  You can win two tins of Momofuku Milk Bar cookies, shipped straight from Momofuku to you!  You know these cookies are my favorite, so I wanted you to be able to try them straight from the source.  It will be one container of corn cookies and one of blueberries and cream cookies!  The other ladies participating in the giveaway added in a $15 Amazon gift card.  Who couldn’t use an Amazon gift card?  So just enter to win using the Rafflecopter below!  And don’t forget to check out White Lights on Wednesday!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Earlier this week, I did a guest post for Becky over at Olives ‘n’ Wine.  Becky makes amazing recipes (I can’t wait to make this Butternut Squash Dessert this fall and her Banana Bread has my mouth watering), always inspires me to keep working at my fitness goals (she’s training for a marathon!), and she’s so kind.  I’ve been feeling down about blogging and the lack of growth I’ve seen in my blog.  When I left a comment saying such on a thought provoking post Becky wrote about blogging, she immediately sent me an email offering advice and support.  It was by far the nicest, best thing that happened to me through blogging.  It was really what I expected blogging would be all the time.  All of this led to me writing a guest post for Becky.

I made Roasted Strawberry Baked Oatmeal.  You probably remember those Balsamic Roasted Strawberries I made.  I wanted to do something fun, yummy, and healthy with them.   Baked oatmeal is my favorite go-to breakfast, so it was only natural to combine the two.  This is an easy to put together, vegan, gluten free breakfast.  It is healthy and hearty, but seems like a real treat with the creamy oatmeal, crunchy walnuts, and sweet strawberries.  You don’t want to miss this recipe, so head over to Olives ‘n’ Wine to check it out!  You’ll also want to stick around to check out Becky’s blog!

Roasted Strawberry Baked Oatmeal

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  1. Awww I love Becky I’m so glad that she was able to offer you support and comfort

  2. This looks so good! I haven’t tried roasted strawberries on oatmeal but it certainly gives it quite a delicious, gourmet touch!

  3. How sweet of Becky to cheer you up when you were feeling down about blogging. I find blogging has so many emotional highs and lows. When I’m at a low point I just have to tell myself that only means the next high is just right around the corner
    I’ve been wanting to try roasted strawberries for a long time and I love new oatmeal recipes!

  4. Currently drooling at the thought of Momofuku cookies…mmm. And this oatmeal! Kind of want it as a second breakfast…

  5. 1. I love Momofuku
    2. I LOOOOOVE this oatmeal! The roasted strawberries thing is genius!

  6. Looks like great oatmeal. Just made a version of Momofuku cookies. Would be interesting to compare to the real thing.

  7. Those balsamic roasted strawberries over oatmeal would make such a wonderful breakfast or even dessert! So nice to read that your fellow blogger was attentive to your needs when you were feeling down. And, by the way, your blog is great, it’s your creative outlet, it brings joy to you and those who read it. That’s already success!

  8. I don’t even have a chance to enter because I don’t do social media? :(((( sorry that just doesn’t seem kind.

    • I didn’t make the rules for the contest, so I am sorry and wish you could enter. It is easy to sign up for social media if you’re interested 🙂

  9. As always, thank you for the sweet words 🙂 Blends are the best! Now… I hope I win this chocolate 😉

  10. Oatmeal plus strawberries equals amazingness! 🙂 Yum!

  11. Sorry I missed the giveaway (traveling) but gosh, the baked oatmeal sounds so good. Bet it smells amazing, too!


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