Single Girl Movie Day

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Single Girl Movie Day

I love summer.  I love being outside in the sunshine with the flowers and singing birds, taking walks and enjoying the sunshine.  I also love going to events, getting all dressed up and enjoying the warm weather while it’s here.  There’s dinner out, maybe even sitting outside.  And shopping.  Even running errands, because everything is kind of fun when it’s gorgeous out.

But, guys, sometimes I need a break.  A day to myself.  Time to sit and do nothing and recover from being busy all the time.  Then I have a single girl movie day.  These days are kind of my fave.  In winter they happen more frequently, but even in summer, I need to decompress sometimes.  This is the perfect solution for a rainy day, but movies are great on sunny days too.  I won’t tell if you stay inside on a nice day if you don’t tell on me!

Single Girl Movie Day

It’s easy to have a single girl movie day right at home.  It starts with ambiance.  I love my new giant TV and when the blinds are shut and the lights are out, I swear it’s better than the movie theater.  To keep that vibe going, I turn my phone off and put it in the other room.  No temptations.  And I don’t even miss it.

Then there’s the attire.  Since we’re at home, real clothes aren’t allowed.  This is all about pajamas.  Preferably pretty, girly, floral print ones.

Ice Cream

Of course, you can’t watch a movie without great snacks.  I got a big plate of spicy popcorn, because popcorn is healthy, right???  And then a bowl of Häagen-Dazs® Butter Pecan that I picked up at Walmart.  Right now they are doing in-store demos of Häagen-Dazs, so be sure to check that out.  Samples, yay!

Shopping at Walmart

I have Coffee on reserve for my next movie day.  Creamy, sweet ice cream with crunchy, salty, spicy popcorn on the side.  I don’t know any theaters with ice cream and spicy popcorn, do you?

Now to the star of my day: the movie.  Right now when you buy any two Häagen-Dazs products at Walmart, you get a free movie rental from Redbox®.  You just have to follow these three easy steps:

BUY – Buy any (2) Häagen-Dazs® products at Walmart

TEXT – Text “Redbox” to 35350 for receipt submission instructions

ENJOY – Get your code and enjoy your free movie night

This was my first time using Redbox and it was so easy!  I just loved it and can’t wait to get my next movie.  Plus, the disc I rented had tons of previews just like the theater!

DIY Mani Pedi

While I watched the movie, I took some time to do a DIY mani pedi.  I always paint my own nails and toes because I find it relaxing.  I chose two complementary colors: blue and purple.  I always start and finish with a nice base and top coat with two coats of color in between.  I have my trusty lotion to give me that salon vibe too.


After my day, I couldn’t wait for another, which I will take soon, but really, I was revitalized.  I watched a great Redbox movie, ate some awesome Häagen-Dazs ice cream, painted my nails, and disconnected from the world.  It reset my system and put me back on course for making the most of summer.

Grab your Häagen-Dazs and Redbox and have a movie day of your very own!

Single Girl Movie Day

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  1. What a great, relaxing way to spend a day! :=) {client}

  2. Oh my gosh – what a nice, relaxing idea for a night at home! I love the snacks and the nail polish colors 🙂

  3. Sounds like a perfect day! And there really is nothing that tops the salty/sweet combo. What movie did you get?

    • Actually, I wasn’t allowed to say which movie I got :0 It was pretty good though. Most of the Redbox choices I had already seen, so i picked one I hadn’t and enjoyed it.

  4. psh I’m married and sometimes I need days like this too!! Nothing not to love about a day like this <3

  5. We all need “me” days from time to time! I’ve seen those Redbox kiosks everywhere (well, mainly at the supermarket!), but haven’t used one yet. Really need to. Fun read — thanks.

  6. Debbie Eccard says:

    I have used Red Box before. They are located at our Kroger’s. Love the snacks you chose and glad you enjoyed your movie. Recently we had a free HBO/Cinemax weekend through Directv and I recorded a few movies so I will have to take your suggestion and do a movie day!! Thanks.

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