Spring Fling #FashionFriday

Spring Fling #FashionFriday

We have been breaking high temperature records all week here in Michigan, and it has been amazing.

Last Saturday the sky was a cloudless blue and the temperatures almost reached 70!  So, we ventured to downtown Birmingham, hopping with activity from everyone wanting to get out and enjoy.  After a nice walk, we headed to Market North End for dinner with friends, where they had the windows open.  I want every day to be like this #californiadreaming.

Birmingham Michigan

To celebrate, because it was a celebration, I wore a super fun outfit of my new watermelon sweater and my favorite polka dotted skirt.  Plus, sandals, because I could.  That’s reason enough for me.

I am so in love with this sweater because it’s so vibrant, youthful, and spring worthy, while still being kind of warm.  After all 70 and sunny in February isn’t 70 and sunny in July.  It’s one of my favorite recent additions to my wardrobe and there have been a lot.

Spring Fling #FashionFriday

I feel like I’m finding my fashion voice and really comfortable with it and how I present myself to the world.  I dress like me, no one else, and I think that’s cool.

Spring Fling #FashionFriday

Do you have a distinctive style?

Sweater: Draper James // Skirt: Kate Spade // Shoes: Christian Louboutin // Sunglasses: Tiffany // Bag: Prada // Bag Charm: Anya Hindmarch

Spring Fling #FashionFriday

Spring Fling #FashionFriday

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  1. Debbie Eccard says:

    Super cute and flirty! Love the outfit. This is probably the most casual I have ever seen you in public. I love your style and am always interested in what you have on. My style is chic, sometimes casual and sometimes dressy. I don’t like to look my age but try to make sure I don’t look too young! Hahaha.

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