Summer is Here #FashionFriday

Summer is Here #FashionFriday

I feel like it’s official – the weather is nice, the flowers are planted, Memorial Day is next week.  It’s summer!  And to celebrate, I broke out my favorite white blazer.

I don’t buy into that whole only wear white between Memorial and Labor Days.  It’s a classic, fresh color that brightens any outfit.  This jacket in particular has a super modern vibe with the waist tie.

Salvatore Ferragamo Shoes

I wore it over my favorite purple shift dress.  It’s so comfortable and easy to wear, and the bright color makes me happy instantly.

Summer is Here #FashionFriday

I paired it with orange shoes and lipstick, which may seem an odd combination, but I allowed the sunset to inspire me.  I love those rare and gorgeous sunsets when orange, pink, and purple all blend together to form an inspiring color combination.  While I can’t replicate nature’s majesty, I feel good about wearing these colors together.

My super functional giant Prada bag and favorite statement sunglasses finished the look perfectly.

Summer is Here #FashionFriday

Now that it’s summer, what are you excited to pull back out of your closet?

Jacket: YSL // Dress: Kate Spade // Shoes: Salvatore Ferragamo // Bag: Prada // Sunglasses: Anna Karin Karlsson // Lipstick: Tom Ford – Raphael

Summer is Here #FashionFriday

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  1. Debbie Eccard says:

    Love the look. So chic! I love bringing out sandals and comfy sun dresses….

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