Summer Weekend #FashionFriday

It’s rare that I take almost a whole weekend just for fun, but that’s what I did, even if I did sneak in a fair amount of working on the blog.  #workhardplayhard

The excitement kicked off with the Forgotten Harvest Comedy Night featuring Seth Meyers.  I must admit, I don’t watch Late Night a lot, but it sounded fun to get out and about and I figured he would be super topical and funny.

It was a lovely evening and the Foxtown area was bustling since there was also a Tigers game that mercifully hadn’t let out when we arrived.  We got in to the theater and took our seats in the front row.

Before long, the show began and after a live auction, which raised tons of money for such a great cause, Seth took the stage.  We were blown away by his skill at telling jokes.  He has a great stage presence, even if he rarely came to our side of the stage.  There is an incredible ease with which he tells the jokes, most of which are part of a larger story.

We laughed so hard as he covered everything from Donald Trump to being a husband and father.  I would happily see Seth again in person and am making sure to DVR Late Night more frequently.

After that we headed home just as it began to rain.  The next day, I wanted to get out an about despite another chance of rain, so we headed to Ferndale for brunch.  Ferndale is one of my favorite places to hang out – it has such a fun vibe.

I’ve been dying to try the Conserva, so that’s where we headed despite a barbeque festival taking place right in front of the restaurant.  Luckily it wasn’t crowded.  Service was prompt and the food was pretty outstanding.  The bartender made Mom and me drinks based on a couple questions.  They were both stellar.  I’m not sure about everything that was in mine, but it had allspice, cinnamon and bourbon and I could drink it forever.

The pannukakku was our favorite dish.  A custardy baked pancake that the owner and his brother chef brought to the restaurant from their family members, was topped with apricot jam, berries, and whipped cream.  It was warm and comforting and practically melted in our mouths.  I would compare it to a flourless chocolate cake without the chocolate.

The asparagus omelet with potatoes, peppers, and fried bread was great, but Mom was a little jealous of Dad’s 45 day aged strip steak and scrambled eggs with irresistible potato gratin and hollandaise sauce.  It was Father’s Day though 🙂  The steak was definitely overcooked, but still tender.  All in all the meal was fantastic and I would highly recommend it.

We took a walk through downtown Ferndale after a downpour cleared out and stopped at the Red Hook for cold brew for Dad and golden milk for me.  I’m so obsessed with golden milk!  We picked up some groceries at Papa Joe’s and headed home, happy and tired from a fun and exciting weekend.

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  1. Wow you did so much fun stuff in one weekend! that pannukakku looks sooooooo insanely good, drooled on my screen a bit lol

  2. Beautiful!!

  3. Debbie Eccard says:

    Love the pictures! You all look so wonderful. Glad you had such a fun weekend. Exciting!!

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