Taste of Troy

Taste of Troy

A couple weekends ago, we needed something to do.  Something fun and exciting and not just going to look at furniture and to the grocery store.  It was a sunny, but bitter cold day and we just wanted to do something fun.

I had mentioned Taste of Troy earlier in the week and the local meteorologist mentioned it the morning of, so on a whim we headed out to the San Marino Club in Troy for Taste of Troy, benefitting the Boys and Girls Club of Troy.

Taste of Troy

It was the twenty fifth anniversary of the event, so it’s kind of hard to believe we had never been before.  I shared my fashion last week, and now I want to talk more about the event itself.

Lots of restaurants in Troy had little booths with a dish or two from their menu.  From Greek to Italian, appetizers to desserts there was a little something for everyone.  As Mom and I were on the Whole30, options were limited for us, but the Tim Horton’s coffee definitely hit the spot.

Taste of Troy

Dad enjoyed checking out all the food, the Smashburger was among his favorites.  But the puffy taco from El Charro, the pizza from Shield’s, and gyro from Estia Greek Street Food were all hits too.

After checking out the food and silent auction, we just walked around for awhile, and it was good to be out and about.  We couldn’t leave without saying hi to our favorite local meteorologist, Andrew Humphrey.  He was even nicer in person than he seems on TV and asked me for a couple cards.  Who knows, maybe I’ll end up on Local 4.  That would be pretty awesome!

Taste of Troy

We also loved checking out the San Marino Club.  None of us had ever been there, and it is such a beautiful building.

I definitely think we will check out Taste of Troy again!

Taste of Troy

Taste of Troy

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

I told you recently that I went to see Carrie Underwood when she visited the Palace of Auburn Hills.  Now I’m so excited to share all about the evening with you.

Mom and I went, and I’m so glad because there’s no one I’d rather spend such a fun night with.  She’s my hero and we don’t always get to do a lot of fun things together, so it was really special to share this experience with her.

Mom and Me

By the time we left, traffic was super light and the weather was nice with the sun setting and the moon coming out.  Events are even better when the weather is nice.

Before long, we headed to our seats in the lower bowl, three rows up.  Typically I sit on the floor, but it was all general admission at this show, so I skipped it.  I was afraid I wouldn’t like our seats, but they were fabulous!  We could see really well and were definitely close to the action.

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

A DJ kept the crowd pumped until it was time for Carrie to take the stage.  Once she did, it was pretty much nonstop music.  Carrie performed all her hits from “Jesus Take the Wheel” to “Before He Cheats” to “Smoke Break.”  She packed as much music as she could into the show and the whole crowd loved it, singing along most of the time.

I’d be hard pressed to choose a favorite song because her music is fun yet heartfelt and packs such a powerful message with good beat.  I have fallen even more in love with her music than I already was.  “Clock Don’t Stop” and “Little Toy Guns” are definitely two songs I have on repeat and stuck in my head, but I happily listen to them all.

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour


Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

Carrie didn’t talk to the crowd a lot, but it was great to hear about her inspiration with her most recent album, Storyteller, as well as about her son.  She also waved to the crowd a lot and took a flower from one of the fans.  Seeing that kind of interaction, though subtle, was really cool.  It was clear her focus was on an amazing fan experience.  The stage in the center of the arena also showcased this emphasis – there wasn’t a bad seat in the house.

Though Carrie and the music were definitely the stars, the lighting took my breath away.  Different colors and patterns with the lights took me into a different world and truly make it an immersive experience.  Each song had its own mood because of the lighting used.  It just goes to show that a set doesn’t have to be elaborate, but smart.  Carrie’s set was super smart and I loved it perhaps more than any other show I’ve seen.

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

Her supreme talent was apparent.  The girl can sing!!  Her voice shines through no matter what song she sings.  On top of that, she played the guitar and harmonica.  I’m always impressed my singers that play instruments too.

After just about two hours, the show came to an end.  I wish it would have kept going because I had such a good time singing and dancing my little heart out.  I hope I will have another chance to see Carrie in concert before too long because nights like that are what make life special and take away so much of the frustration the world often presents.

Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour


Carrie Underwood Storyteller Tour

Brownie Meatballs with Frosting Spaghetti #SundaySupper

Meatball Brownies with Frosting Spaghetti

When I saw this Sunday Supper theme of meatballs, I had no idea what to make.  I’m not a fan of traditional meatballs because I don’t like tomato sauce.  I haven’t liked it since I was born.  Not on pizza.  Not on pasta.  I was a fan of a white pizza before it was cool.

Sure a riff on meatballs crossed my mind, but then I thought about dessert.  And how much I wanted to bake some brownies.  And how I wanted to make something that was fun.  Something that allowed my inner child to come out and forget about the pressure and stress of life.

Brownie Meatballs with Frosting Spaghetti

So I made meatballs.  With brownies.  And spaghetti.  With frosting.  And sauce.  With cherries.

Even if you like regular meatballs, you have to admit dessert meatballs sound pretty crazy awesome. And they really do look a lot like meatballs, but they don’t taste like them.

I started with the brownies I shared earlier in the week, but feel free to use your favorite brownie recipe.  One with frosting is going to work the best to make sure the meatballs stick together.  Think of the frosting as the egg and breadcrumbs.

Brownie Meatballs with Frosting Spaghetti

Once all my meatballs were rolled, I piped frosting onto my plate.  I did use store bought frosting just because I needed so much, but feel free to make your own buttercream.  I placed the meatballs on the spaghetti and topped them with the cherry sauce.  Make sure everything is cooled before assembly … or the noodles will melt!

The brownies are great on their own, but with the frosting and cherries, they are even better.  The flavors blend well with the hint of tartness from the cherries really making the whole dish sing.  Plus, this is fun to make and eat.  And life should be a lot more fun.

Brownie Meatballs with Frosting Spaghetti

Brownie Meatballs with Frosting Spaghetti #SundaySupper

Prep Time: 30 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

Total Time: 1 hour

Yield: 15 meatballs


½ recipe Fudgy Frosted Brownies, or your favorite brownies

1 can vanilla frosting

2 cups pitted cherries, fresh or frozen

2 tablespoons granulated sugar

1 tablespoon cornstarch


Make the cherry sauce. In a small saucepan, combine cherries, sugar, and cornstarch. Bring to a boil, stirring frequently. Continue cooking 2-3 minutes, until sauce is thickened. Remove from heat and allow to cool while you prepare the rest of the recipe.

Crumble the brownies up and roll them into golf ball sized balls. I did this while they were warm, but I don’t know if that matters. Allow to rest while you pipe the spaghetti.

Place the frosting into a piping bag or zipper bag with the very tip cut off. Pipe squiggles all over a plate. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Place the meatballs on the frosting. Top with the cherry sauce.

Serve immediately or store in the refrigerator in an airtight container for up to 3 days.


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US Women’s Soccer Game

US Women's Soccer Game

Okay, so I’m not exactly the world’s biggest soccer fan. At all. I don’t really know a thing about the game other than gooooooooooaaaaaaaaaaaalllllllllllll! Yet, when it was announce that the World Cup winning US Women’s Soccer Team would be playing a game at Ford Field, I immediately wanted to go.

When else would I have the chance to see this amazing team play in person? My parents and I purchased front row seats. They also had a few available on the field, but we chose not to get those as cool as it sounded. I know I would have gotten hit in the head with a ball!

Hope Solo

You know I love hanging out at Ford Field. It’s just a great stadium, and I had my trusty parking pass, so that was all a breeze. Roughly 35,000 people were in attendance at the game, which is a little more than half of Ford Field, but apparently for a soccer game that’s a really big crowd.

There were a couple hiccups in the beginning like having our seats covered with paint dust from the football numbers being removed from the field and a bunch of kids in our seats who didn’t belong there, but I didn’t let that put even the slightest damper on the night.


Team Introductions

We got to watch the team practice and warm up, which was cool. I’ll be honest, I don’t know many of the players. Hope Solo, Carli Lloyd, and Abby Wambach are basically the only players I know, but that didn’t really matter.

Once the team warmed up, we waited a few minutes until both the US team and their opponent Haiti took the field with young girl soccer players by their side. That was a really cool touch. Imagine being a little girl playing soccer and getting to walk on that big field with your hero. The players were introduced, the national anthems were performed, and the match began.

Mom and Me

We were afraid we would be rather bored. On the way Mom kept talking about how she wasn’t sure about going. But truthfully, the game was riveting. During the first half, the US was trying to score at the other end of the stadium, so we didn’t see much close up action. Haiti almost never got the ball. Still, we loved cheering them on and seeing a few goals.

Before halftime, we went up to the main concourse to check out the souvenirs and food. We went back down during halftime to wait for the second half to start. We got to see so much action and even a goal right in front of us!

The field from afar

I still don’t know all the rules, and I’m not sure I’d want to go to a soccer game every week or anything, but I would definitely go again. It was such a wonderful experience to see such an exciting game in which the US won. Go Team USA!

US Women's Soccer Game

Fashion Friday: Leopard Print

How to Wear Leopard Print

I tend to shy away from really bold patterns. They can be hard to wear and draw a lot of attention, sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

Let’s face it: animal prints are super hard to wear without looking cheesy. Even my favorite celebrities have worn animal prints and been on the worst dressed list.

How to Wear Leopard Print

But when I saw this Blumarine dress on sale at Neiman Marcus a few years ago, I had to have it. The animal print is fun and not too overwhelming, particularly because this is a day dress. It doesn’t have sequins or embellishment; it’s not even made from a fussy fabric.

Instead, it’s an easy to wear dress that’s perfect for running errands or shopping. I paired it with my cat sunglasses to keep the theme going as well as satin sandals with feathers. Okay, so I went a little animal crazy 😉

How to Wear Leopard Print

My tiny Gucci bag (read: my phone barely fits) was the perfect accompaniment. It’s actually one of my favorite bags – I just wish a little more fit in it. Phones are so big these days that not much else fits in this bag.

Together, all the brown tones pair well. I had fun wearing this outfit, and sometimes that’s all life is about.

Dress: Blumarine // Shoes: Manolo Blahnik // Bag: Gucci // Sunglasses: Anna Karin Karlsson

How to Wear Leopard Print

Movie Night with Ribera y Rueda Wine

Movie Night In with Ribera y Rueda Wine

This spring has been just beautiful with lots of warm, sunny days. It reminds me how much I absolutely love this time of year after the long, cold, snowy winter.

But spring can be full of rain too, like the past few days. We had so much rain on Mother’s Day and now we’re waiting for a line of thunderstorms to come through. Storms always make me so nervous.

Ribera y Rueda Wine

Rain is a good thing though, as it keeps all the plants and flowers green, blooming, and happy. In order to keep me happy and not a bundle of nerves every time lightning strikes or thunder booms, I love having movie nights in. in fact, sometimes even when it’s nice out, I can’t help but pop a Blu-ray in, grab some snacks, and a nice drink and call it a night.

Some of my favorite nights are simple movie nights at home, chilling in my track suit and fluffy slippers. Sure, it’s fun to get dressed up and go out, but it’s equally as fun to take some me time when I’ve had a busy week.

RIbera y Rueda Wine

I picked out a couple of my go to movies. I love a good romantic comedy! If only love was like in the movies, but I digress …

And threw in some of my favorite snacks. I am a gummy worm addict. These actually came from a giant six pound bag from our local warehouse store. And yes I eat them all … just not at one time 🙂

I was so excited to try out Ribera y Rueda wine to accompany my comfy clothes, girly movies, and fun snacks. I chose the Ribera Tempranillo for my movie night this time. We all know gummy worms and bears pair best with red wine, right? It also works with the bold flavor of the blueberries.

The Tempranillo is bold, rugged, and ripe. The grapes are grown in Spain, not too far from Madrid, where the summers are hot and the winters are cold. That, along with a rocky, rigid terrain, makes for the perfect place to grow these grapes.

Movie Night In

In fact, they’ve been growing grapes there for over 2000 years and cultivate what’s new and what’s next in every vineyard and vintage they produce.

Ribera y Rueda wines are perfect for all occasions; that’s actually my favorite thing about them. I loved it for my movie night, but it’s also perfect for entertaining, to go alongside a gourmet dinner, or to sit outside and drink while watching the sunset.

Personally, I’m pretty excited to pop open the Rueda Verdejo, which is bright, crisp, and best served chilled, as the weather gets warmer for a refreshing drink. What do you think I should pair with it? Gummy fruit slices 😉

Movie Night In

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

Why I am a Katycat for Life

Why I am a Katycat for Life

I mean, she made me pinky promise, but more on that in a bit.

A couple weeks ago, my friend Katie and I headed to the Katy Perry concert. It happened to be a day and evening of record breaking rain with torrential downpours and flooded roads. Much of the area got six inches of rain. Six inches. Of rain. I suppose I should just be glad it wasn’t snow.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Despite that, Katie and I got to the Palace of Auburn Hills in record time. I think Dad thinks she has a lead foot 😉 We made our way to our seventh row floor seats right next to part of the stage. We went late, skipping the opening acts and miles of traffic.

Before long, Katy took the stage, kicking the show off with Roar and following with hit after hit. Even the handful of songs I didn’t know were excellent. I got into the rhythm of them right away and was singing along by the second chorus.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

Katy interacted with the crowd a lot, particularly when the show progressed to the slower ballad section. She took a couple selfies, retrieved some letters from fans, gave away her guitar pick, and even gave one young fan a pizza to share with the crowd. She shared how she always appreciates the support of her fans and had us pinky promise to never break up with her. A promise I am happy to keep.

Videos, a DJ, and the back-up singers and dancers kept the crowd going during costume changes, while the massive stage provided constant opportunities for entertainment. I never knew where Katy or one of the member of the band or group of background dancers would pop up.

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

While Katy, her songs, and her dance moves were the clear star, the spectacle of it all made it an immersive experience, a feast for the ears and eyes. She asked the crowd to be present in the moment during the show. That is something I am happy to report I focused on. Yes, I took pictures and videos with my phone, but I also watched and took it all in, committing as much of it to memory as possible. Katy’s advice is applicable in all aspects of life.

There was plenty to take in with acrobats, Katy gliding across the stadium on a swing, parade style balloons, huge fabric butterflies, a War Horse style horse (very cool to see!), and many costume changes. I left with my voice gone and my ears ringing, just how I want to leave a concert. Plus I had a purse full of confetti in the shape of hearts, stars, and musical notes that I snatched from the air as it showered me. Who doesn’t need some confetti in their life?

Katie and Me

Going with my friend Katie was fantastic as well. It was so nice to have a night on the town with a fun friend who enjoyed the concert as much as me. We talked so much and had a blast. I am lucky to have Katie in my life!

Katy Perry

Katy Perry

All that happened made me in awe of the show and placed it as one of my favorite concerts. I realized the next day, recovering from a Katy Perry hangover, that as much as I loved the music and dancing, more than anything, I loved Katy herself. Part of her charm is that she is still normal, one of us, and she makes us feel as though any one of us could be her. This is not a knock on her skill, which is substantial and to be applauded, but a complement on the grace with which she has handled her fame, power, and celebrity status. Katy Perry is one cool cat!

Katy Perry

Taste of the Lions 2014 Recap

Taste of the Lions 2014 Recap

Me, Bennie Blades, Dad, Mom

My parents and I had the pleasure of attending Taste of the Lions a few weeks ago. We went last year and had a wonderful time, so we were excited to return this year. It was a lovely late May day in the Detroit area and Ford Field always looks so beautiful. There is no other place I’d rather spend an evening. Plus, I’m always excited to get all dressed up and actually have somewhere to go 🙂

Taste of the Lions 2014

Me and Mom with Lions Coach Jim Caldwell

Taste of the Lions 2014

Me and Mom with Roary!

We are big Lions fans in my house, so we love going to meet the players and support Eastern Market and their community programs. The event was far more crowded this year than last, with reports of 2000 people attending. We purchased VIP tickets, so we got to explore both the visitor and home locker rooms. It is very cool to see behind the scenes. Matthew Stafford, Calvin Johnson, and Ndamukong Suh were in the locker room signing autographs. I met Stafford and Johnson last year, so we stood in line to meet Suh for awhile, but then he was whisked away before we actually met him. This was the only disappointment about the event; it is a bummer to stand in line and then not get to meet him.

Taste of the Lions 2014

Beans and Cornbread Fried Chicken

Taste of the Lions 2014

Russell Street Deli Corned Beef

Taste of the Lions 2014

Pulled Pork and Fried Rice from Lazybones

We did meet new Lions head coach Jim Caldwell, who was incredibly nice. We are hoping he’ll be a great coach and will lead the team to victory! Before long, it was time to head up to the main concourse for the food and to meet more of the players. We perused the silent auction before making our way down the corridor with brick floor, meant to look like a real, old fashioned street. It’s my favorite part of the stadium. Dad was more than happy to eat his way through the street.

Taste of the Lions 2014

John D Short Rib Toastada

The braised veal macaroni and cheese from Ottava Via and buffalo macaroni and cheese from Town Tavern were big hits. Macaroni and cheese is always a hit with Dad! The short rib toastada from John D was really cute and a hit too! The Russell Street Deli had several offerings, but Dad enjoyed the corned beef and slaw. Dad has eaten at Lazybones BBQ before and really liked the pulled pork and bacon fried rice. (They also have amazing maple bacon paczki!) The meal was not complete without some fried chicken and red beans and rice from Beans and Cornbread.

But then it was time to meet some Lions players, my favorite part of the event. All of the players are so incredibly nice. It makes me cheer even harder for the team when the season comes around. Former players were around. We had the chance to meet Herman Moore, Jim Arnold, Eddie Murray, and Bennie Blades. Eddie Murray’s Super Bowl ring (which he unfortunately didn’t win with the Lions) caught all of our eyes right away. How cool to see a Super Bowl ring in person??? Bennie Blades was super cool; he made Dad give up his duties as not-so-professional photographer for a moment and get in a picture. He wouldn’t listen to Mom and me when we wanted him in a pic, but he listened to a football player. Go figure 😉 Plus we caught up with Roary! I love Roary!

Taste of the Lions 2014

Jim Arnold, Mom, Me, Eddie Murray

Taste of the Lions 2014

Me and Mom with Herman Moore

Some of the players were super cute too! We actually ran into Jordan Thompson in the Lions store at the end of our night. He was so nice and talkative. Plus, he’s cute and my age! This single gal would love to go on a date with him. Tweet me, maybe?

Taste of the Lions 2014

Mom and Me with Jordan Thompson

It was great to meet Kris Durham and Dan Orlovsky, as well as Joique Bell, who said ladies like Mom and me made his night better. Gregory Hickman was especially nice, first calling Mom young lady and then when we lined up for a picture saying he wanted me to stand next to him, but Mom couldn’t be left out so she got on the other side of him for the second pic! It made us laugh and smile.

Just before we were about to leave, and rest our tired feet, we ran into voice of the Lions, Dan Miller again. I’m a huge fan of Dan and secretly kind of enjoy watching his pregame more than the actual game itself. His co-hosts Bob Wojnowski and Jamie Samuelsen were also there, and I totally should have gotten a pic with them all, but my brain was too tired to function properly. Next year! But Dan did remember reading my blog post from last year’s event. How super cool is that???

Taste of the Lions 2014

Me and Mom with Gregory Hickman

Taste of the Lions 2014

Me and Mom with Joique Bell

I have lots more pics, but I won’t inundate you. It was a fantastically wonderful evening. I want to do it again all the time, but I guess I’ll just have to wait for next year!

Show Stopper Saturday Link Party #37 with Fresh Fruit Desserts

Happy Saturday!

Welcome to Show Stopper Saturday! I am so excited to be co-hosting the Show Stopper Saturday link party!  I love this link party and all of the lovely hosts.  I’m thrilled they allowed me to co-host.

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North American International Auto Show

North American International Auto Show

Mom and me in front of a BMW

I have dreamed of going to the North American International Auto Show for about fifteen years.  I watch all the TV coverage every year and imagine walking through the show, perhaps rubbing elbows with the automotive brass.  In particular I have always wanted to attend the charity preview.  Over the years, it has raised millions of dollars for children’s charities in the Detroit area.  Going meant so much to me I even put it on my bucket list.  Well, I finally went! 

Okay, so, I didn’t go to the charity preview; instead Mom, Dad, and I headed to Cobo Arena for the industry preview.  It was the perfect way to check out the Auto Show, and I am more than willing to cross going to the Auto Show off my bucket list!  While the industry preview lacks the black-tie glitz and glamour of the Charity preview, the ticket price is also about two-thirds lower and it’s even less crowded than the fancy event.

North American International Auto Show

Dad checking out a cool blue Mustang!

In typical Michigan fashion, it was a gross, snowy, frigid day.  So bad, in fact, we came very close to simply staying home (have I mentioned how badly I want to move).  We persevered and the drive down wasn’t too bad.  Of course, in typical Detroit fashion, parking was a nightmare.  The garages and lots near Cobo were for reserved parking only.  Luckily Dad, being the amazing guy he is, dropped Mom and me at the door and went to park in the Joe Louis Arena garage a little ways away.

The industry preview is for people who work in the automotive industry to check out the Show before the general public.  Both Mom and Dad used to work for Ford, and there seemed to be no restrictions on who could purchase the tickets, so even though we aren’t quite industry professionals, we went.  There were only a fraction of the people there as on a public day, but still the Show was quite crowded.  I can’t imagine going on a public day.  It was smaller than we imagined, but very easy to navigate, especially with the map provided to us.

North American International Auto Show

The Ford exhibit.

We headed pretty much straight to the Ford exhibit while we waited for Dad.  We all may be a bit biased but the Ford exhibit was really the most impressive.  It seemed like a little Auto Show all by itself.  The Mustangs and F-150s were featured prominently.  There was even a working assembly line that made actual car parts during the Show.  Lincoln was near the back of the Ford display.  It was very sleek and modern.  The old Lincoln on display and the cool geometric decorations were my favorite.  Against all the odds, Mom actually ran into an old friend from Ford.  Sometimes the world is indeed very small. 

North American International Auto Show

Mustang concept car.

North American International Auto Show

Super cool old Lincoln.

We covered the whole Show.  Mercedes was cool, so was Bentley, though their cars were all blocked off.  I’m rather Bentley obsessed, so it was a bit of a disappointment to not be able to get up close and personal to their cars.  Cadillac had a really awesome display with sleek looking cars.  The paint on one of them was so sparkly – just my kind of color!  I could definitely see myself riding around town in a BMW or Porsche.  What is rather amazing is that the show is built from the ground up each year.  All of the displays, the different floor materials, the lighting, everything is new every year, and all of the displays look markedly different each year. 

North American International Auto Show

Mercedes exhibit.

North American International Auto Show

North American International Auto Show

The elusive Bentley.

Then it was back to the Big Three as we checked out the Chrysler display.  I have always loved 300s, and up close and personal they are even cooler, especially the blue one.  Concept cars are always one of the best parts of the show, though there were fewer this year than in years past.  However, this Dodge SRT was enough to satisfy my concept car cravings.  I can never get enough of the Chargers and Challengers either.

North American International Auto Show

Dodge SRT concept.

North American International Auto Show

The history of Dodge’s most famous cars.

Of course, heading over to GM, the Corvette’s aren’t too shabby either.  Who wouldn’t want to speed drive the speed limit down the road in one of those?  Or perhaps a Camaro, which has never looked better.  Interestingly, there are tons of people walking around each exhibit cleaning cars.  The vast majority are out in the open, allowing people to touch and even sit in the cars, but the companies work hard to make sure the cars still look great, as everyone has a phone or camera out taking pictures.

North American International Auto Show

Corvette race car.

North American International Auto Show

Look at the sparkly paint on this Cadillac!

Each company also has product specialists that are there to answer questions and help people figure out if a particular car would be a good fit for them.  After all what’s an Auto Show if it doesn’t help sell some cars?  A quick tour through Jaguar and Land Rover and we felt like we’d seen all there was to see within about an hour and a half.  Dad headed back to get the car while Mom and I picked up some souvenirs.

North American International Auto Show

Dad and me in front of a Volvo.

North American International Auto Show

Hitting the road at four, we figured it wouldn’t be too bad of a drive home, but with the snow that had been accumulating all day and was still falling, it took nearly three hours (no exaggeration) to get home when in ideal conditions it should take about thirty minutes.  That is a long time to be in a car, and we all wanted nothing more than to get home.  Dad handled the roads incredibly well and got us home safe and sound.  It would be easy for all of us to say we wish we hadn’t gone, to be beyond frustrated over the traffic, but that is not the case.  It was a wonderful day and a wonderful show!  We are all so glad we went.  I feel very lucky to still be able to make memories like this with my parents.  Who knows, maybe we’ll even go again next year!  If you are in the Detroit area and interested, the show is open to the public until January 26.

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