The Future Now with Demi and Nick

The Future Now with Demi and Nick

I wasn’t a giant Jonas Brothers fan.  In fact, I don’t know if I can name a single Jonas Brothers song.  Not one.

But Nick Jonas has proven himself as a delightful performer and songwriter recently.  And Demi Lovato has always been one of my favorites because she is so real and honest.  And her songs are pretty catchy.

When I heard Demi and Nick were touring together, I knew I had to go for a fun summer night out.  Mom went with me, and while it wasn’t quite her scene, we both really appreciated the great songs of both performers and their clear talent on the stage.

Nick Jonas

The night began with Mike Posner, who is actually from Detroit so the stadium was packed for his opening set.  Mom and I caught the end after being stuck in traffic.  I heard his two most popular songs “Cooler than Me” and “I Took a Pill in Ibiza.”  He totally brought the house down and his band was stellar.  I was glad to see at least some of his set.

Before too long Nick took the stage.  He sang mostly his more recent songs, though they are really awesome with catchy beat and lyrics that still tell a story.  “Bacon,” “Chainsaw,” “Levels,” “Chains,” and “Jealous” were some of my favorites.  Mom and I were both unfamiliar with his song “Who I Am,” but as soon as he began singing it, we both fell in love with it.  You know a song is good when you have never heard it before

Nick Jonas

After Nick performed for a little more than half an hour, Demi took the stage.  She opened with “Confident,” which is one of my favorite songs.  It has such an empowering message.  As she worked her way through hits like “Neon Lights,” “Give Your Heart a Break,” and “Heart Attack,” the crowd sang along to every single word.  This crowd was clearly full of Nick and Demi fans.

Nick Jonas

A slower set from Demi ended with “Stone Cold” as Nick joined her on the piano.  This may have been one of my favorite moments from the show.  It was so beautiful and powerful.  Nick played a couple more songs before Demi joined him for “Closer,” and then sang a couple more songs herself, finishing out the night with “Cool for the Summer.”

Demi Lovato

The show was a bit bare bones with the only real set design pieces coming from flashy lighting.  And it was a huge disappointment to us that together Nick and Demi barely played an hour and a half.  Especially when two headliners are a part of a show, two hours is the bare minimum they should play.  I left wanting much more. 

I think opportunities to perform a cover or two or bring Mike Posner back out to perform with them in front of his home crowd were missed and would have made the show longer and more special.  Nick and Demi are both great performers and have a realness about them that shined through when they spoke to the crowd.  I loved and appreciated that, I just wanted a little more from them.

Mom and Me

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  1. so cool-I love Nick and Demi (though I, like you, wasn’t a huge Jonas Bros fan back in the day)!

  2. Debbie Eccard says:

    So glad you enjoyed the concert but too bad they didn’t play a bit longer…. You both looked great and I know you always have a great time with your mom….

  3. Wow, looks like you had awesome seats! It always is a bummer when it is short sets, but it sounds like they both played the hits 🙂

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