The Secret Language

The Secret Language

Do you read horoscopes?  Believe in astrology?  It can be fun to see what a month has in store for you based on your birthdate, but do you believe it?  If you’re anything like me, it probably depends on what it says.  A good horoscope leaves me excited, knowing great things are in store, but a bad one must mean it’s wrong.  These very general statements really have no basis in the meaning of life, but The Secret Language website does. 

I discovered this website from another blogger awhile ago and was totally engrossed in it.  I was so excited to get a chance to write a full blog post all about The Secret Language.  It’s “not your grandmother’s astrology” since it is based on a study of 20,000 people and reveals a person’s natural identity instead of just some temporary guesses.  This is a seriously cool site that you’ll spend more time on than social media, finding out all about your friends.

I was born on January 23, 1990.  Upon entering my birthdate, I am provided with all kinds of information about my personality.  It says that I have a “remarkably distinctive character” that makes me different from others.  If you know me at all or read this blog regularly you know that is totally me in a nutshell.  It says that I am likely to feel comfortable in my quirkiness and not feel the need to be someone I’m not.  Also very true.  According to The Secret Language, I’m also likely to be somewhat resistant to traditional medicine, have strong food preferences, and either throw myself into exercise or avoid it altogether.  Check, check, and check.  I am a very picky eater, and I exercise two hours a day.  But The Secret Language doesn’t have me totally figured out.  I don’t handle crises well and I am totally inept when it comes to math and science.  But I am more than impressed with what The Secret Language had to say about me.

The Secret Language

When I search Mom’s birthdate, November 21 (we’ll keep the year secret!), I have to say it has her pretty much totally wrong.  She is not all about the newest ideas, products, and technology (in fact, that’s much more like me).  She did not have great conflicts with her parents and never displayed very rebellious behavior.  She does suffer from allergies (which seem to get worse by the year), though she is not easily irritated and rather than having a tendency for depression and frustration, she is literally the most positive person I know.  I do think it’s really cool her birthday is the same as Michael Strahan’s.  We watch Live every morning together.

I also looked up our family friend Linda whose birthdate is June 1 (I’ll keep the year secret again).  This day is all about seeing and being seen in social scenarios.  While I don’t think Linda gets caught up in the fanfare of events, she does go to a lot of functions since she is involved with many charities, and she is always busy.  Always.  I don’t know how she finds time to sleep!  It says Linda should be a great shopper, which makes sense because she always looks fashionable and put together whenever I see her.  It says that June 1 people don’t let a lot of people know the real them, so maybe Linda and I need to get to know each other better!

I could spend all day telling you about my friends, but instead, I think you should go check out The Secret Language for yourself!  Visit SLN.ME to discover the Secret Language Name for you and all of your friends.  I bet you’ll discover something new about yourself and your friends.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls Collective and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.

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  1. Debbie Eccard says:

    Very interesting! I’ll check it out.

  2. I can’t wait to check this out. I love astrology, numerology… it may not always be the most accurate but it’s totally fun!

  3. Huh! This is pretty darn cool, I’m curious!

  4. I just checked it out for fun… and most of it is true. It has a lot of good info, worth reading!

  5. Hmmm very intriguing!! Definitely off to go check it out and see if they’re right about me!

  6. Sounds like fun to me!

  7. What fun this must be! Thanks for turning us on to it.

  8. a plain simple buttercream with cinnamon is one of my all time fav’s
    i’ve used it so many times; I just love it.
    this looks and sounds good girl!
    have a great weekned!

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