Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

I have climbed a ladder once in my life.

A real, genuine ladder.  Not a step stool.  A ladder.

It was in my tenth grade acting class when we took a tour of the auditorium.  It was easily my favorite class at a time when going to school was pure torture.  I liked the teacher, the class was fun, and it brought me out of my shell more than a little.

I would have enjoyed the tour more today as I love going to the theatre and would have loved even more to see the inner workings of it.  And while I did have a good time exploring with the class, it wasn’t easy.

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

After ascending a spiral staircase, it was time to climb that ladder to get to the catwalk.  Guys, if you’ve never walked up or down a spiral staircase, a real deal spiral staircase, not the kind in mansions for looks, you do not understand the kind of torture device it is.

Maybe it’s because both of my parents have vertigo, but I hung on with both hands (both hands!) and barely made it up or down.  My brain could not understand how to use this thing.  I don’t think I’ve been on a spiral staircase since and am always looking to avoid it when house hunting.

Once I was off the taunting staircase, the ladder stood in front of me.  I’d never climbed a ladder before and didn’t know how.  I mean, obviously I understood the general idea behind climbing a ladder, but I didn’t know how to implement it with it cylindrical rungs and slippery metal.

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

I started to climb and stopped, halting progress for everyone.  Those behind me tried not to appear impatient.  Those in front of me talked and wondered what the problem was.  “Laura,” I heard them all say.

Despite that fact that none of us were really friends in the overcrowded class that brought together students from all grades, social standings, and walks of life, a couple girls leaned over to offer words of encouragement and instructions on how to climb.

I made it up.  And down, though I don’t remember down much.  And for the rest of the day, my legs shook like Jell-O.  But I did it!

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

I also made this Waffle Breakfast Sandwich, but it’s so much easier to make than climbing a ladder.  Two waffles (which, let’s be honest, I cooked in the microwave even though it says not to.  Sorry not sorry!), a microwave egg or egg substitute omelet, and gooey, melty cheese.

Bam!  Breakfast is served.  Dad loves this for breakfast made with egg substitute.  You could totally jazz it up with bacon, ham, sausage, or even a handful of spinach, but it’s a really hearty meal as it.

Waffle Breakfast Sandwich

Prep Time: 2 minutes

Cook Time: 5 minutes

Total Time: 7 minutes

Yield: 1 sandwich


2 waffles, homemade or store bought, I used Eggo waffles
3 large eggs, beaten or ½ cup egg substitute
1 slice Colby Jack cheese


  1. Heat the waffles according to manufacturers’ instructions, or go rogue like I did and use the microwave.
  2. Place the eggs or egg substitute in a microwave safe bowl, giving them enough room to puff. I use a regular soup bowl. Cook in the microwave for 1 ½ minutes. Check for doneness and continue microwaving in 30 second increments until almost fully cooked. Top with cheese and microwave an additional 30 seconds.
  3. Place the “omelet” on one of the waffles, top with the other and serve immediately!
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  1. I USED TO BE AN EGGO addict when I was little. THEY ARE SO SO SO SO SO good! NEVER have I ever paired them with eggs though!

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