Way Better Snacking Tips

Way Better Snacking Tips

Did you know that many people eat most of their food in the form of snacks rather than meals? Seriously, did you? I did not. In fact, I was shocked by this information provided to me by Christina Meyer-Jax MS, RD. Christina is a food and nutrition specialist who works with several companies including Way Better Snacks. I had a conversation with her about snacking and Way Better, and so enjoyed speaking with her. I learned a lot.

You probably already know of my love for Way Better. Not only are their chips super tasty, but they are also super healthy. I mean, I don’t let myself eat a whole bag in one sitting, even though sometimes I’d like to, but a serving of their chips packs a nutritional punch.

Way Better Snacking Tips

One thing that makes Way Better Snacks stand out from the others out there is their use of sprouted grains. Christina and I chatted a lot about sprouted grains, something I was rather unfamiliar with other than knowing they are good for me. Sprouting grains locks in the nutrients and makes them more available to our bodies, so a higher percentage of the vitamins and minerals gets absorbed. Antioxidant absorption is also maximized. Christina actually said she wishes all grains were sprouted and that they are the best grain choice available to us.

Way Better chips are also full of real foods. There’s no crazy ingredients, fillers, preservatives, or artificial colors or flavors. Plus, most of their snacks are gluten free, some are organic, and all are non-GMO. They are really snacks you can feel good about. As Christina said, it’s “snacking with benefits.” Now that is something we can all appreciate.

Way Better Snacking Tips

You might look at the list of ingredients on the chips and want to pass them up for regular old chips. But don’t! Yeah, they have quinoa, flax seeds, chia seeds, broccoli seeds, and daikon radish seeds, but promise me you’ll give them a chance first. With one bite you’ll be like “broccoli seeds are delicious!” It’s so important to give new foods a chance. Trying and loving Way Better chips just might open your taste buds to trying other new foods too!

While I love all the Way Better Snacks, the No Salt Naked Blues, Simply Beyond Black Bean, and the new Simply Spicy Sriracha are my favorites. I also really, really want to try the new Simply Tangy Mustard and Onion. Hey, Way Better, wanna send me a sample??? 🙂 I love eating them right out of the bag or pairing them with simple homemade guacamole. Christina recommends adding them to a veggie tray, serving them with hummus, making nachos, or crushing them and substituting them for breadcrumbs. Sounds good to me.

I hope I have convinced you to try Way Better Snacks. You’ll never go back to boring old chips again!

Way Better Snacking Tips

Disclaimer: I was provided with samples from Way Better, but all opinions, as always, are mine!

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  1. #1-that is shocking about how much snack food people consume!!

    #2-girl. I love you. But you so don’t need to watch what you eat and work out SO much-you’re so thin! I say this with love. <3

    • Thanks for the love! I exercise for a variety of reasons including the rush of endorphins. I am a very stressed person and it really helps me. I eat everything in moderation, which I think you can tell by my blog. I mean I can’t resist things like zucchini bread and plum cake like I just posted.

  2. More calories via snacks than meals? Really? Does your friend have any literature to back this up? It just sounds strange because I don’t eat any snacks, ever, and I enjoy all my meals. Maybe everyone is different?

    • Christina is a dietitian and college professor. I did not want to get into citing research journals – as this is a fun blog and a fun post about a simple way to snack and eat healthier. Simply because you (and I for that matter) don’t snack, doesn’t mean other people don’t.

  3. I love these chips!

  4. Amazing isn’t it how far the snack chip has come?
    I would definitely give these a go

  5. I need to look for these at my grocery store!! I had no idea that snacks are the majority of what we eat, but I believe it!

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