White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies and Giveaway!

White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies


You all know about my love of Davidson’s Safest Choice Pasteurized Eggs by now.  They are all I use when baking because I love tasting batter and underbaking cookies, but the thought of food borne illness totally freaks me out.  I actually stopped tasting the batter for years until I finally found pasteurized shell eggs like Alton Brown always talked about on Good Eats.  Davidson’s are the best.  I can never tell the difference between them and regular eggs, except I’m not stressing over raw eggs.  They also make great poached eggs!

Now, I’m super excited to announce that I have partnered with Safest Choice to post several original recipes on their blog and website over the next few months and kick off my partnership with a giveaway for you, my readers.

This is a match made in heaven as I love these eggs and use them almost every day when I’m baking.  It’s so fun to partner with such a wonderful brand.  I’m also excited for some of you to get the chance to try them; I know you’ll love them as much as I do.

Safest Choice has generously offered to give coupons for 5 free cartons of eggs as well as a bag of Safest Choice goodies, including recipes, a spatula, and an egg stress ball to each of three winners.  That’s right, three winners!  They have provided the prize for this giveaway, though the opinions about the product are completely my own.

Entering is easy.  In the comment section below, just answer the question: What’s your favorite way to eat eggs?

If you want to earn additional entries here’s how:

Follow @piesandplots on Twitter.  Come back and let me know you’ve followed in an additional and entirely separate comment.

Follow @safeeggs on Twitter.  Come back and let me know you’ve followed in an additional and entirely separate comment.

Like Pies and Plots on Facebook.  Come back and let me know you’ve liked me in an additional and entirely separate comment.

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Important:  In order for each of your entries to count, you must leave entirely separate comments.  Meaning it is possible for the first seven comments to all have been left by one person.  If you leave all of this information in one comment, you will only be entered in the giveaway one time.

The deadline for entry is Sunday, October 14, at 11:59 pm EST.

The winners will be chosen through the Random Number Generator on random.org.  The winners will be notified via email.  If one or more of the winners do not respond in 24 hours, new winners will be chosen.

Please also go check out my blog post and recipe for White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies on Safest Choice’s website.  I love this recipe because it gives me that gooey, rich brownie goodness without chocolate, and it involves one of my favorite foods: candy corn!  These taste like brownies because I used the same methodology to make them as you would use for brownies.  The candy corn gives great flavor and chewy texture, and this recipe is just in time for Halloween.  It is sure to be a hit at your Halloween party!  So please check out the recipe, Safest Choice’s website, and good luck in the giveaway.  You definitely want to give these eggs a try.

Congratulations to Erin, Kayle, and Style Friendly for winning the giveaway!

White Chocolate Candy Corn Blondies

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  1. I love over easy eggs on a bagel with cheese and bacon

  2. I follow you on Twitter

  3. I like you on Facebook

  4. I like Safest Choice Eggs on Facebook

  5. I follow you on Pinterest

  6. Danielle T says:

    i love egg sandwiches with cheese on them

  7. My favorite way is Scrambled the best way.

  8. I Liked Pies and Plots on Face Book.

  9. I Liked Davidson Safest Choice Eggs On Face Book.

  10. Congrats on the partnership girl!!!!

    My fav. way to eat eggs is in cookie dough 😛 buahahaaaa

  11. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by my blog earlier. Happy to have found you. You have a great blog here. Going to spend some time poking around 🙂

  12. Linda Ketelhut says:

    I like my eggs fried well done, a little crispy on the edges, on whole grain toast with a slice of cheddar jack cheese, Yum!

  13. Congrats on the partnership! That is totally awesome! I like my eggs in the morning, on toast!

  14. I’m going to admit that I love eggs most in custard ^_^
    Other than that, I love frying them up in a pan with some potatos, onions, and cheese.

  15. Linda Bermingham says:

    What a great partnership. I love eggs and selecting a favorite way is tough so I guess I’ll leave the desserts alone and stick with breakfast. I like my eggs over-easy with wheat toast or scrambled with spinach.

  16. Favorite eggs would be pretty boring…scrambled with cheese! :o)

  17. Favorite preparation is a perfect over-easy with golden brown toast to soak up that sunshine yolk!!!

  18. I Liked Davidson Safest Choice Eggs On Face Book.

  19. stylefriendly says:

    Sunny side up!

  20. Well, that’s absolutely fantastic! I’m glad you found this partnership. I’m a huge fan of tamago (sweet egg) sushi–who doesn’t love a sweet, protein-packed meal?

  21. My favorite way to eat eggs are over easy without the yoke! (Egg Whites Only) 🙂 I don’t like yoke spilling all over my plate. LOL

  22. I’m following @piesandplots on Twitter

  23. I’m following @safeeggs on Twitter

  24. Linda Ketelhut says:

    I also like eggs in NY style cheese cake, with, freshly mashed strawberries on top

  25. Debbie Eccard says:

    My favorite eggs are Eggs Benedict!!!

  26. Debbie Eccard says:

    I liked you on Facebook and I follow you on Twitter. I also like my eggs over easy.

  27. I like my eggs, over easy with crispy edges. Very difficult to achieve, but awesome when they’r right

  28. My grandma’s deviled eggs! No one else in the family can make them like she did. So, now my favorite is chorizo con huevos.

  29. Like Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs on Facebook.

  30. Follow Pies and Plots on Pinterest.

  31. I like you on Facebook 🙂

  32. I like scrambled eggs, well done with toast.

  33. I’m (almost) embarrassed to admit it, but my favorite way to eat eggs is scrambled. With lots of ketchup.

  34. I followed you on Twitter.

  35. I “liked” your page on FB.

  36. I followed you on Pinterest. 🙂

  37. I love eggs pretty much every way possible and in everything you can put them in! 🙂

  38. I like to make cheesy scrambled eggs! A friend made them for me this way in college, and I got hooked!

  39. I “liked” in Facebook!

  40. I like my eggs scrambled light with a little spice to them and with a side of wheat toast with starwberry jelly.

  41. I like my eggs scrambled the best!

  42. I “liked” you on facebook!!

  43. I follow you on Twitter!

  44. I follow Pies and Plots on Pinterest!

  45. I “liked” Davidson’s Safest Choice Eggs on facebook.

  46. I like my eggs scrambled and sprinkled with salt!!

  47. I have “liked” you on Facebook!

  48. Laura,
    You are just killing me. I loved the cornflake candy corn cookies you sent over. I see I’m missing some other delicious items and I will hunt you down for those.
    Can I move in with you??? Ok, I’ll settle for being your best neighbor.

  49. Kathy Eyre says:

    Love pickled eggs…

  50. No sense in being worried about getting sick from eggs! Our bodies are much stronger than we like to think, especially to bacterial invasion. I love Alton, but the only reason he pushes that is due to lawyers. You can tell his mindset from his carpaccio episode. The truth of the matter is, that getting sick from raw eggs is minimal if at all. The whole world is teaching us to coddle ourselves too much. I’ve eaten batter and many other foods undercooked cooked or raw for years, and so has everyone else I know and never gotten sick! Steak tartare? Weekly and NEVER sick.

    This is coming from a molecular biologist btw, not just a home cook that feels like venting. Feel free to eat raw eggs freely and don’t fall into a world that tries to protect you from every little thing on the planet. Life is too short to worry.

    • Thanks for the information, Cory! I agree that our bodies are strong enough to fight off many harmful bacteria and viruses that try to attack it, but I really like using these eggs so I don’t have to spend my time worrying or risk getting sick on the off chance it happens, and it does happen. Just look at that big egg recall from salmonella contamination a few years ago. Many people did get sick. It’s an easy way to eliminate the risk entirely. I do understand that eating raw eggs does not bother some people, and I think that’s great, I’m just not one of those people.


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