Wine, Women, and Shoes

Wine Women and Shoes

Last week Mom and I had the chance to attend the Wine, Women, and Shoes event at the Dearborn Inn to benefit the Children’s Hospital of Michigan Foundation. It’s always great to have a fun time and support an even better cause.

It was perhaps the most beautiful late September evening. It was warm, sunny on the drive there, and the moon even came out to greet us. It seriously does not get better than that. Plus, traffic wasn’t even that bad. Woo hoo!

The Moon

The Dearborn Inn

Once we arrived, we checked in and got out photo taken with SnapTap. This may be the coolest thing ever. We’ve seen them at a couple events now. We pose for an awesome picture and then they print a copy and email us a copy. It’s a great way to have a keepsake from the event that’s not taken on a camera phone.

We met up with our friend (who also happens to be our dentist) as well as her friend, and then started perusing the marketplace. There was plenty of wine, as well as some other local goods, but in one room, it was like a little one-stop mall. You could even try on shoes!

Emcee Heather Catallo

Then we found the jewelry from a local store. They had some absolutely gorgeous pieces, but one in particular caught mom’s eye and then mine. A delicate moon and star gold bracelet with diamonds had to come home with us. At least a portion of the price also went to the charity. Mom and I love the moon and stars and look for them each evening, so I feel like maybe this is my new good luck charm.

Once we were shopped out, we headed to the ballroom where I ran into one of my seventh and eighth grade teachers. How crazy cool is that? Soon after taking our seats, even emcee and local newscaster Heather Catallo took the stage. She introduced the auctioneer for our live auction. I’ve never seen a live auction, so it was pretty cool even if the items weren’t really my cup of tea … or glass of wine 😉


Finally the fashion show began. Carson’s presented it and made me want each look. It’s really amazing how they paired so many different things together and they looked awesome.  I seriously need to go shopping to update my wardrobe!

Fashion Show

I wished the evening didn’t have to end, but at least I have lots of memories and I’m already looking forward to going again next year.

Fashion Show

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  1. Sounds like a really fun evening! I love going to that kind of event with my friends.

  2. oh my gosh what a fun event!!!

  3. Debbie Eccard says:

    Looked like a super nice event and you two looked fabulous!!!

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